This week, we’re starting off with the familiar trio heading over to the Bank. Seems that everyone’s been called in for a not-so-regular meeting. Ryouko is still suffering from side effects of THAT dream as they head to the club. At the club, the Pres shares a notice to the others which states that the Otogi Bank is charging too much for their job (though it is true but that’s not the point!). The notice was posted around town and various claims of abuse have been posted online as well.

They discuss that it’s not the first time that someone’s tried to do a smear campaign against their club.  The Pres shows them the front page of the paper which states that the club has a secret underground base. Seems that the paper found out about this through the anonymous source kind of information and they asked if they could come and see the room. The Pres diverted their attention by showing em Majo-san’s room and sent em off on their merry way.

Long story short, cause they have a lot of personal information with they, they can’t just let anyone in. So the real question is where the paper got the information from. Whoever did it was obviously quite skilled at gathering information and the first suspect on the Pres’s list is Hitsujikai Shirou. Though the Pres can’t say what that guy is after and no real damage has been inflicted, they need to monitor the situation quietly. And also offer a 30% off special on requests. Quite the way to deal with the situation there Pres ^^;;;

He figures that its best to gather some loans before the going gets rough. So, everyone is asked to take on requests actively even outside of the school. The notice is generating a lot of buzz amongst the students and there’s a huge line outside their club of people who want their requests filled. And there are all sorts of requests like wanting someone to clean the pool, feed some pets, be ball boys etc etc etc. After three days, everyone’s still hard at work and Ryouko is still feeling the side effects of the dream. She’s still blushing around Ryoushi and being all tsun-tsun around him.

*pats Ryoushi on the head* there there. Her heart works in mysterious ways. On his way home, he’s musing over Ryouko’s behavior but then he senses something. He turns around to meet the glance of a young lad perched high upon yonder tree. The guys impressed that he managed to sense him and he jumps down. Err…is this guy supposed to be the Scarlet Pumpernickel?  . . . *goes to check* sorry I mean…Scarlet Pimpernel. The first one was a Looney Toon’s cartoon. Anyways. He is a third year at the school, Nekomiya Saburou. He’s Neko-san and he’s a bishounen complete with hair that looks like nekomimi.

And he knows all bout Ryoushi and his confession to Ryouko…and also his weakness to stares. Ryoushi asks if he’s got a request or something? But turns out that Neko-san actually likes to help people out and he is here to help Ryoushi with his problem…no charges involved. Yes..that makes him sound super suspicious. As Ryoushi is walking away, Neko asks if he doesn’t want to protect the girl that he loves. He tells Ryoushi that the current him isn’t capable of that, so he will help him turn into a real man starting from the next day.

Ryouko and Ringo are coming back home from grocery shopping and find a beaten figure leaning against the dorm entrance. It’s the blonde who was with Shirou from way before. The girl passes out and they take her inside. When she wakes up, she introduces herself as Reiko and explains that she was chased by delinquents so she ran into Otogi territory where they couldn’t come. Ryouko asks if she did something to warrant being chased. Reiko explains that she was Shirou’s girl but he dumped her and tried to sell her off. *coughbullshitcough* The story strikes a nerve with Ryoushi and she starts to leave to go beat him down before she sits back down on her seat after Ringo and Reiko tell her to stop. Ryouko says that she’ll arrange for Reiko to be transferred to her school and then she’ll be free.

Ringo is looking with mingled sadness and surprise as Ryouko says that they will protect her. The next day, they’ve filled 50 requests on their own…without the Pres helping. Alice asks them to keep this up for another 2 more days when Ryoushi’s phone rings and he leaves the room. As Ryouko wonders out loud what’s he up to, Ringo gives her a sneaky glance asking if she’s interested and Ryouko goes tsun-tsun. Ringo asks Ryouko to go on home before she says that she needs to talk with the Pres and Alice.

Ryoushi is now starting his training with Neko-san. By using his sling shot, he is only Ryouko’s wingman. If she gets in trouble, he needs to be out there in front and fighting. To do that, he needs to be stronger and to do that, the most important point is to keep one’s cool. Ryoushi asks why he’s doing this for him and he replies that if his training can be completed then he’ll answer that question. Neko-san attempts a flying spin kick to Ryoshi’s head but he manages to dodge it – but not the kick to his stomach. He may look cute, but Neko’s actually a Spartan.

At the dorm, Reiko has made quite the feast and also did the laundry and some general cleaning up. So while the two of them are bonding, Ringo is confiding her suspicions to the Pres and Alice. Better to be safe than sorry. Alice pulls up her info. She’s got top notch grades but is easily led on, with her personality changing along with her boyfriends. Arrested previously on charges of shoplifting (cause her boyfriend convinced her too) and then transferred to Onigashima Koukou. Pres tells her to keep her eyes peeled for the time being. They also put Otsuu on the case to keep an eye on things.

So Ringo and Otsuu are in the apartment complex across the form and keeping surveillance on Reiko. The next day, the Pres is meeting Momo-chan-senpai on the roof and they wonder what Shirou is up to by badmouthing Otogi Bank. At the Onigashima side of town, our villain is sitting…all alone in his room…smiling creepily….at an empty room….*backs away slowly* Meanwhile, Ryoushi is still training, Ryouko and Ringo getting along with Reiko and soon enough, it’s the last day of the 30% off requests.

Alice sends off Otohime before she calls…Rikkun? Who the hell is-..Wait..THE PRES? XD RIKKUN? PPPFFFT NICE one! But before the call can connect, Usami enters the club room. Alice goes up to meet her. Usami says that a student from Andersen Girls’ Academy asked her to refer to her. It’s a school for rich girls. Usami asks if she can come and listen to the girls request. Alice looks hesitant but agrees to leave. Ryoushi meanwhile is getting his ass handed to him as Neko instructs him. Tarou, at the same time, is also working hard to complete his request. Complete with some additionally flirting which he stops mid-way while looking around furtively for Otohime. It doesn’t feel normal without Otohime coming up and doing a sneak attack huh? XD

But then some delinquents come to him and toss him..augh that was Otohime’s makeup bag! D: They tell him to come with them quietly. Otsuu gets tasered by Reiko while Alice and Usami are waiting in a café as Usami thinks that she really wanted to get Otohime but anyone from the club works. Okay, you are officially VILE Usami. Some more delinquents come to ‘escort’ Alice, who quickly gets whats going on. Usami quickly grabs the sugar pot before tossing the contents into the delinquents faces before running away with Alice.

Ryouko and Ringo have taken a little detour on their way to the request when Ringo gets a call from “Hitsuji”. Ringo picks the call up but the voice is distorted as it threatens Ringo with Shirayuki and her younger siblings – what if her siblings get taken away, one by one. Ringo runs to Shirayuki’s home but everyone’s doing fine and happy. Ringo then realizes that she just fell into the trap. Reiko welcomes Ryouko back before she gets coming up to stand up to Ryouko and commenting that she really is a nice person. Kind and unwavering, not doubting a word anyone else says. Just like Shirou said. And Ryouko gets about…oh I dunno…20,000 volts in the guts. The Pres returns to an empty office and asks Majo-san, who has just entered the room about Alice’s whereabouts. Majo shrugs and says maybe it’s a request. The Pres finds a note from Alice stating “Anderson Girl’s Academy, Café, Usami” before Ringo comes running in.

She tells them that Otohime, Ryouko and Otsuu are all missing at present and she found a taser at her form room. Usami and Alice are running through the streets while being chased by the delinquents while Tarou is being quietly escorted to the factory where Otsuu is already out like a light. Ryoushi is still training and Ryouko is taken away, bound and gagged. To be continued next week!

Score: A/A+


Finally some proper plot action instead of the usual comedy! Though seriously Ryouko, trusting the girl just like that be. BE ON YOUR GUARD MORE! Don’t just believe every cock and bull story that people tell you! Be suspicious of people! . . . . what? I’m not that trusting of a person by nature, especially not strangers!

Oh you sneaky little wolf in sheep’s clothing, what the hell are you planning? Attempting to hold Ryouko’s friends hostage before doing…God knows what to her? Do I even want to know? Oh hell, I just hope that Ryoushi lands a blow on that creepy grinning face of yours. I used to think Lelouch’s crazed grin was creepy but this guy takes the bleeding cake.

I wonder if perhaps Shirou manipulated the data regarding Reiko as well. Or if it’s true, damn girl you have a bad taste in men. Glad to see Ryoushi getting serious about wanting to protect Ryouko and properly protect her. And that Neok-san is awesome. Anyone who’s got cat ears (shut up and lemme pretend dammit!) and ends his sentences on occasion with a –nya after having the name Neko-san, is win in my books.

I wonder what tricks and plans the Pres will use to help the gang out this time. Though to mess with Alice as well, me reckons that the sleeping beast just may come out and open a can of non so physical but mental whoop ass on the arrogant jerk known as Shirou.

Can I has the next episode already please? =3 I’m liking this serious tone more than the usual 😀

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