And welcome back to Otogibana City my fellow Ookami-san fans! And lo and behold! Our socially challenged hero is racing as hard and as fast as he can manage through the town! Hmmm what’s this? He comes to a panting halt in front of a clock and looks around….Ryouko yells that he’s late and he turns around saying that there’s still time and he freezes as he catches sight of Ryouko. Ara? ARAAAA? Ma ma ma ma ma~~~ * holds up a hand to cover her lips* Korei wa…korei wa~ it looks like tis a daaaaaate~

Oh but my my my~ LOOK at that utterly CUTE frilly dress that Ryouko is wearing~ dawww she looks so pwurdy~ Ryoushi is stunned into silence at seeing her so dressed up (err…is that…an ear piece/mic I spy in her left ear?) and he compliments her, saying in an awed voice that she looks cute. And that flips her tsun-tsun switch and she punches him out as she stammers that she didn’t dress up like this for him. Yahan~ SUUUUUUUUURRREEEE. As she states that she dressed up like this on Ringo’s insistence, the ear piece lets out some static before Ringo says that of course! Something fancy but not showy with an air of innocence.

Ryouko is looking around left and right, searching for where Ringo’s voice is coming from as Ryoushi is still lying on the ground. Hiding behind a nearby hedge with her laptop, Ringo states that its prefect for her first date with Ryoushi. Ryouko is still looking around for Ringo (behind you Ryouko~~~) as she says that this is not a date. Its all part of a request. Ryoushi finally stands up, nursing his bruised ego cheek, asking where Jizou and Hanasaki are.

Ryouko turns to look at the couple standing a bit away underneath a tree. Seems that they both came half an hour earlier and they’ve just been standing side by side without saying a word. So today’s request is… a double date~~~Oh this is gonna be so good. This story started a week ago when one Hanasaki Jin (second year, ace of the baseball club) approached the club with his request. It seems that for some reason or another, someone’s been coming into his home and cleaning AND cooking dinner for him! Though he knows not who makes em, he still eats the meals (wow THAT is a big helping of rice…) and he wants to find out who is the person responsible.

Ringo immediately installed hidden cameras in his apartment and lo and behold! The culprit is one Jizou Ami-san. A second year student who is quite famous for being very stiff necked. She’s quite the model student – wearing the unmodified uniform, no excess skin showing etc etc. *stares in surprise* Wow…how daring…she just took a jumping dive into his bed and cuddled into his pillow. HOW very stiff necked indeed.

…oh no she won’t…she won’t…SHE DID *face palms* XD She pulled out his ero magazines and tries to copy their poses…with Ringo, Ryoushi and Ryouko watching. Guess who is the one with stars in her eyes and the ones blushing? The next day, they called Jizou in and asked her about the whole thing and she caves in like a badly stacked house of cards. She tells them that one day Hanasaki had lent her his umbrella when it was raining and so, to return the favor she’s been helping him with the housework and cooking…cause she was too embarrassed to thank him in person.

SO! Ringo and the others decide to help this shy (albeit a tad creepy) gal to meet up with the guy. Jizou confesses to the guy and his reaction is…urk. He doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards her *falls over* you could have said that better. She trembles a bit before hanging her head. Then he says that it wouldn’t be right that she did all that over a small act like lending an umbrella. So, he’d like to repay her somehow. Ringo cuts in saying that a date would be perfect! Cue a round of “Eh?!” going around.

Under the production of Ringo, the double date starts! And it’s a double date because she figured that those two might be too nervous if they were on their own so THAT’S why Ryuoko and Ryoushi are there. Ringo…yer totally pushing your agenda here. ROCK ON GIRL! They’re walking behind the couple and Ryoushi comments that shes walking very stiffly. Ryouko comments that suddenly tossing her into a date situation might have been too much for her to handle. Ringo immediately yells that that’s why the two of them are there. They have to help Jizou Ami over her nervousness!

And promptly tells them to hold hands. Ryouko lets out a “HA?!” (Narrator: THERE IT IS! Asking for the absurd!) Ringo says that the creation of an appropriate atmosphere is an important element during a date! Ryoushi is clearly wondering what the hell Ringo is telling Ryouko as she tries to argue back but Ringo tells her that it’s a part of her job and Ryuoko looks at the confused Ryoushi with a “Can’t be helped its for the job!” look before she grabs his hand … by the wrist. Ryouko-san…hand holding…yer doin it rong.

Ryouko blushingly says that its so that they don’t loose each other. Ryoushi blushes as well as he agrees. Ringo giggles from her hidden place. Ryouko drags Ryoushi away with her as she tells Jizou and company to hurry up as well. Ami is about to say something when Jin goes “I get it…” and he takes hold of her hand. She gets even more flustered. Dawww she’s sho cute~ pppft they make QUITE a sight! Two couples in line holding hands out in the street? Yeah, you’d want to avoid them too at the pace they’re going AND their facial expressions.

The small group is standing in front of the movie center and oh~ looks like they picked the serious, sad drama to watch! Ryouko is holding her hat up to her mouth as she’s tearing up. Ryoushi eyes her with concern before he hands her a handkerchief but Ryouko doesn’t take it. He smiles a bit like he expected that but then he noticed Ami…who has rivers pouring from her eyes. Jin wipes away her tears (Narrator: Shes almost like a life-sized doll…)

The next stop is the arcade! Oh nice shooting Ryouko and Ryoushi! They turn to see Ami and Jin playing the same game…without any damn expressions on their face. Yeah that IS kinda scary….Next stop is at the…aquarium? Or pet shop, I dunno. But Ryoushi and Ryouko looks a bit like a newly born couple while on the other hand, its emmm….yeah…..*clears throat* Moving onto the park! Ryoushi says that Ami is still nervous while Jin isn’t saying a word either. A small “meow~” from the side has Ryouko stopping.

Ryoushi asks why she stopped and she stares at the tree for a moment before saying that its nothing and they walk away. Oho tis a picnic date~ Romantic ne? But eh eh eh? Where you running off to Ryouko?! Forgot to buy something my ASS, yer going off to save that kitten in the tree arnt you?! Ah Ryoushi chases after her, as expected. Ahem….well….*twiddles thumbs*…. This….this isn’t awkward at all…nope….not at all….I’m totally lying.

Ryoushi stops running when he finds Ryouko’s picnic basket sitting in the middle of the path. A meow from the side of the tree gets his attention and YEP IT’S A CAT UP A TREE. And guess WHO climbed the tree to save the cat? But oh dear, the cat is out of her reach. Hope she doesn’t overreach and fall into the water below. Oh hell, knowing this show that IS what’s gonna happen. Oh she manages to grab the cat but the branch lets out some ominous breaking noises and ten points to me~ she DID fall into the water and Ryoushi enters manly mode and jumps in after her! HAHAHAHA THE POND WAS SHALLOW *points and laughs at Ryoushi* Im sorry but GOD that’s funny XD THAT musta hurt!

Manly! Ryoushi is patting a conked out Ryouko and yelling at her to wake up. Seems like she hit her head when she fell too and she opens her eyes with a small whimper GYA *falls over* WHAT a quick switch back to the normal Ryoushi as he jumps back slightly. He asks if shes hurt anywhere…she looks at him a bit confused and asks who he is. HA I KNEW IT! XD Oh this just keeps getting better and better. No Ryoushi *throws an arm around him* Here what you gotta do. Tell her that you both are madly in love with each and then *gets bricked*

Aite aite sheesh.  Ryoushi is shocked to hear her say that…and with that expression too. She sounds like such a cute ojou-san in that voice~ GYAHAHAHA shes reverted back to the age when she was in the first year of Middle school or she thinks that she’s 13! GIYEH *falls over frozen* Ryoushi…why did you call him onii-san?! OYE YOU *smacks Ryoushi* DON’T get all shoujo bubbles and sparkles with happiness at how good that sounds! YES YES YOU SHOULDN’T be happy about that Ryoushi, glad you realized that! He asks her if she really doesn’t remember him?

In a very polite tone and voice, she asks if they really have met before? Ryoushi can only hang his head in despair. She apologizes before letting out a small sneeze. Ryoushi pulls his outer shirt out and puts it on her shoulders. She comments that its wet though and its like he hadn’t thought of that fact and he apologizes. He looks like he’s preparing himself to get smacked on the head but she thanks him for looking out for her and he drops his hands to look at her in surprise. She smiles at him and he blushes thinking “S-so cute!”  Yeah she is that way when shes being so openly honest.

Yep yep this be amnesia! Meanwhile, Ami and Jin…are just sitting on the picnic blanket….just sitting there….staring at the grass….silently…WELL THIS IS GOING WELL. Ringo wonders where the other two went and her cell phone rings and ah its by a panicking Ami-san who says that shes just too nervous being alone with Jin-san and she just can’t do this! Ami asks where the other two went and Ringo does a bit of an Ass Pull and says that this is all part of the plan to have the two of them spend some time together. Nice one Ringo~

Ringo sighs after hanging up on Ami and says that it would look bad if it seems that they abandoned the job halfway. Her phone rings again and its Ryoushi. Ryoushi tries to explain whats happened to Ryouko as “She fell into the pond and became cute” NICE…through that IS what happened it woulda been more useful if you’d have said that shes got amnesia XD Obviously Ringo doesn’t get it and tells them to just haul their butts back. Ryoushi stares at his phone in disbelief for a moment before sighing and hanging his head.

He turns around when Ryouko calls him onii-san and he tells her that its okay for her to call him by his name. And she calls him Ryoushi-san…while looking down…with a small blush on her cheeks. *turns away to wipe away her nosebleed* not good not good! She’s too cute! He’s sparkling in happiness as she stares at him with concern. He snaps out of it and she asks for him to explain the situation at hand. So looks like he’s explained to her and she says that okay so maybe its true that she’s 16 given that shes a bit taller but…she eyes her chest and yep, not a whole (or any) growth there…sorry girl. She can only hang her head as Ryoushi laughs nervously. Ryouko admits that her head’s been feeling a tad hazy since she woke up, is this really amnesia? Ryoushi turns to her when she asks what kind of girl she is at present. It may be possible for her to remember about herself if she heard something bout how she is.

Ryoushi looks away as he thinks that he’s the only one who Ryouko can depend on at present! With a determined look he starts that she’s a cute person. She asks in what way. He lets out a small gurk before answering that normally she acts strong but is actually gentle and hard working, that’s the cute side of her. She only tilts her head to the side and asks what is the relationship between the two of them. He blushes at the word “relationship” and half yells it before pondering on it. The narrator offers some answers: Bully and gofer. Master and gofer. S& M. I LIEKS~ Ryoushi can only hang his head in despair while Ryouko asks if he’s alright.

With his hands clasped together and a bit of hesitation, he says that they’re nakama. Ryouko asks that they’re not boyfriend girlfriend then? Ryoushi admits to that unfortunate fact. Ryouko blinks before asking then what are they doing today? Ryoushi says that there was this request…while Ami is trying to lift the cover off the bento box in front of if only her hands would stop shaking that badly..ho *claps with excitement as she manages to do so* Ringo looks on with worried determination. Back to the bakapuru (baka couple or idiot couple. Say it out loud with a Japanese accent, it makes sense then), Ryouko is saying that they should head back.

Ryoushi raises the point that she can’t possibly do her job in this state plus, Ringo is with them too’ll probably…work out! Yep, he ditched the job. XD Ryouko then asks what she should do. Ryoushi ponders on it momentarily before saying that they should go to the hospital first. But then Ryouko’s stomach lets out…oh good grief even her stomach growl is cute, just kill me now already. So they lay down a blanket and uwau what a feast! Ryouko is admiring the food and she asks who made it.

Ryoushi tells her that she did and she seems pretty happy bout the fact that she can cook now. She accepts the chopsticks he holds out and tells him to eat up. So the happy couple is eating away at the tasty food in an awesome sweet and gentle atmosphere that, I think is making Ryoushi tear up inside XD Cause it aint happened before and brother, it AINT gonna happen again EITHER XD As she drinks some tea, Ryouko comments that her tastes haven’t changed much in three years. Ryoushi is puzzled at this.

Ryouko pulls the corner of her dress and says that shes wearing what she usually would. So although he said that she acts strong but…perhaps she’s gotten over her shyness. GYAAAA im gonna be ded of the cute by the end of this ep! Ryoushi parrots “shyness?” Ryouko admits that though she can talk normally to him, usually she’s really quite shy and that’s something that she’s really wanted to get over.  She’s always wanted to fix that problem of hers.

She tells him that her friends always keep that in mind but she can’t always rely on them. Ryoushi smiles at her before saying that when they’re done, they’ll go to the hospital. But she seems sad about this and Ryoushi calls her name. She looks up with a smile before agreeing. Back at the expressionless couple, Ringo is observed them through binoculars as they are just…sitting…and staring…at the food….Ringo sighs and comments that this really isn’t going anywhere. She turns around when she hears Ryouko calling out “Ryoushi-san, hurry up!” She puts the binoculars back up to her eyes and sees a smiling Ryouko leading away Ryoushi…while they’re holding hands. Ringo can only sweat in surprise and shock before she puts a hand up to her head saying that she MUST be tired cause she just saw something completely impossible.

So Ryouko is dragging Ryoushi through the town but Ryoushi is like “the hospital-!” They’re in front of a crepes shop and Ryouko is holding one out to him saying that just a little is alright no? Ryoushi sighs before he takes the pro offered treat. So he’s dragged around town by the 13 year old Ryoushi. Now this really feels like a date~ And quite a while later, it hits Ryoushi that he shouldn’t be getting excited at a time like this! He tells her that they should head to the hospital and again she looks really down. Quietly Ryoushi asks that she’s scared of being alone right?

She nods, saying that she doesn’t know anything about the city and she doesn’t know anyone either. Ryoushi walks up to her and rubs her head saying that he’s here for her so it’s okay. No matter what may happen, he’ll protect her and he’ll always be by her side. She smiles as ah crap it starts to rain. Our happy couple has taken shelter underneath the awning of a coffee shop as Ryoushi comments that they’ll have to wait for the rain to stop before they can go to the hospital. Then his phone rings and as expected, its Ringo who is quite angry and yells at them. Ryoushi quickly deflects by asking how things are going at her side.

Ringo comments that somehow it worked out, as she turns to look at the couple walking away under one umbrella. Looks like the end conclusion they reached was “Just go out already!” Ringo asks what happened to him and he turns to look at Ryouko, who is smiling away at him. Ryoushi says that they should meet up for now because it’ll be faster if she just sees for herself. So Ringo and Ryoushi stare away at Ryouko who is happily eating her choco parfait as Ryoushi tells her that Ryouko really doesn’t remember anything about them.

Ringo doesn’t believe him and calls out to Ryouko and ask her who she is. Ryoushi and Ryouko sweatdrop before the latter apologizes. Ringo is shocked as hell as Ryoushi tries to direct the conversation back to the fact that they should take Ryouko to the hospital. Ringo says that she’ll contact Alice and ask if there’s any doctors in their graduates. Ryouko calls to Ryoushi and offers him some of the parfait…on her spoon…GYAAAAAAAAAAA but Ryoushi didn’t hear her as he keeps talking with Ringo that maybe they should call the Otogi Bank to come by as well.

She tries to call out to him again but … no good. She stares at the spoon and the sweet goodness on it (Ryoushi asking what if her memory doesn’t come back?) before popping it in her mouth (Ringo says then she’ll be admitted into the hospital most likely). She turns to stare at Ryoushi’s profile as Ringo comments that they need to make a lot of preparations like maybe even having to contact her parents if that happens. Ryouko seems to have had it with the conversation as she slams the spoon down on the table and THAT gets Ryoushi’s attention and he turns to her as she petulantly says to him that he had said that he would be there for her and runs out.

Ringo and Ryoushi stare at each other, dumbfounded by what just happened. Outside, Ryouko is walking through the rain all alone and with an umbrella and she thinks back of Ryoushi’s profile and of everything they did that day. And she wonders why…she thinks that he was so nice to her, he worried about her but still he…She turns around with a determined look but slams into…OH CRAP I KNEW IT! RUN AWAY RYOUKO RUN RUN RUN AWAY FRO M THAT SHIROU BASTARD D:

She looks up in surprise at Shirou, who states that its quite a coincidence that they met. She seems to be frozen shock as he holds his hand to her. Ryoushi comes up and faces Shirou. He ignores the guy and goes to Ryouko asking if she’s alright and that they should go. While they’re walking away, Shirou asks for his name. Ryoushi stops and tells him. Shirou inquires that isn’t he curious about his and Ryouko’s relationship. Ryouko shivers beside him and he notices her trying not to cry out and asks her if shes alright. Oh . Fuck.

Shirou says that they have the relationship of a man and a woman or in other words, he enjoyed eating every bit of her. You..bloody bastard. She was..she was bloody 13 and…GYAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH THIS GUY NEEDS TO DIE. Liek right NOW! Before Ryoushi can ask what he means by that, Ryouko lets out a small “no…I’m not…lying” She covers her face and Ryoushi watches her as she suddenly falls to her knees in front of him. Shirou comments that she said that he assaulted her but he would prefer to call it intimacy. OH YOU WANT INTIMACY? HOWS BOUT I SHOW YOU SOME MISTER FUCKTARD? MY FIST WILL ‘MAKE LOVE’ TO YOUR FACE!

With his same old grin, Shirou says that she led him on and other such rabble when Ryoushi cuts in saying that it’s all lies. He says that Ryouko is very shy so she would NEVER do anything like that. Or more appropriately, she couldn’t do anything like that. Shirou smirks and brushes it off saying that the classmates believing his story more and Ryouko got labeled as a loose girl trying to get back at him for dumping her. And then she transferred schools. Okay seriously, I want to kick him in the royal jewels now…

Shirou comments that he really liked the taste of her so he came to this city to find her. The last time they met, he had thought that she may have changed slightly but she still looks delicious. Just punch him Ryoushi please please PLEASE JUST PUNCH THIS GUY OUT! Ryoushi pulls out his slingshot, ready to hit the guy but a sudden slash with a knife!!! The shooting bang gets snapped in half and Ryoushi is shocked at the sudden movement. Shirou, with one hand raised, arrogantly tells him that he is still speaking so HE should stay quiet. He chuckles, smoothly saying that perhaps he spoke too much but regardless of how frustrated he may feel, Ryoushi cannot change the past.

Ryoushi’s hand drops back to his side. He quietly states that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what happened in her past. He will protect the present Ryouko as best as he can. But, he will hunt Shirou down. Shirou smiles and says that he looks forward to that. Ringo cries out for Ryouko and Shirou walks away saying that he was lying about having taken her. He simply thought that his despair might be heavier if he knew the truth before he failed. . . . what the FUCK is THAT cryptic statement supposed to mean?

Seems like they managed to take Ryouko to the hospital and the whole gang is there and she managed to recover her memories as well. Tarou tries to take her hand but Ryouko swiftly punches him in the face. GYAAAAA seems like she can’t remember anything about the time she lost her memories ( ;A; ) Say it aint SO! Ringo sighs heavily and comments that Ryoushi had tried so hard too yet as always, he gets the short end of the stick!

While walking down the street, Ringo says that they should have something sweet and then go home. Ryouko says that she…had..a…parfait so…AAAAAAAAAH! SO YOU DO REMEMBER! =D Ringo gives her a REALLLLLY EVIL smile. The next day, Ryoushi is asking Ryouko WHY she is wearing..that. That being a ribbon in her hair. Ryouko grumbles that its complicated (Narrator: “If you want me to keep quiet, you have to wear a ribbon to school tomorrow!” Ah so its black mail. What’s so complicated about THAT? XD)

Ryoushi says that its cute. Ryouko punches him out. And everything’s back to normal like always~ Medeitashi medeitashi~~~

BUT WAIT! You ask how are Ami and Jin faring? Jin is reading the paper before peeking over it to stare at Ami who is happily patting the rice into a HUGE helping.  As the narrator puts it “A lot of things happened and now he’s well fed.” This is like looking at a happily married couple after 10 years or something… and those two lived happily ever after as well~

Score: B+/A


Well that was one hell of a good episode! To be honest, I was ready for Shirou to show up from the start since the words ‘double date” got thrown around. I mean, I was like “When is he gonna show up? Now? Now? Oh crap its raining, thats NEVER a good sign, looks like we’ll see Shirou so-AH HE APPEARS!” kinda thing.

OMG so THATS how Ryouko used to be. Can I take her home with me? Shes soooo adorable~ And poor Ryoushi that he wont be able to see more of that side of Ryouko. Damn ass shame. But what a cute date they had XD Come to think of, does that mean that Ryouko is maybe forcing herself to be a bit of a tsun-tsun? XD And best moment of the whole episode? Ringo’s reaction to seeing Ryouko leading Ryoushi out the park. HILARIOUS! XD

And the award for the most awkward and stiff date goes to Ami and Jin-san from the second years~ waaaai XD Man what a kooky couple! Those two didnt act at ALL like they were 17 year olds! They really did give off a very old feel, not mature mind you. And I really want to know just how the hell did Jin decide that yeah its okay to go out with her. Nice going man XD

That Shirou…he gets more dastardly every time he’s shown *glares at him* I dunno how much to believe him when he says that he was lying for having ‘taken’ Ryouko. Perhaps he was telling half truths? From the slight flashbacks we got from Ryouko, it did seem like there was some manner of assault on her from his side…and I REALLY dont want it to be sexual in nature. I mean come on! She was 13! That is NOT kool!

And Ryoushi was over all very manly in this episode wouldnt you agree? Well except the whole “diving straight into a shallow lake” thing…THAT was BEAUTIFUL XD The rest…he was awesome. Shame on you for ignoring Ryouko though and DAMN that Shirou’s got sharp reflexes that he cut the sling shot’s band THAT fast. A hidden blade up the sleeve? A dagger in the belt? What did he do to cut the strap? Grrrrr I happily wait for the day when Ryouko will be the one to give you the Neko Neko Knuckles in his arrogant, smug bastard face!

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