Summary Key Points:


  • Sho runs in to Ikaruga, the commander of the Death’s Head Circus Guild squad that Jellal has hired
  • Sho is quickly out matched, and Erza soon breaks free and takes on Ikaruga herself
  • Ikaruga has a blade that can cut through anything vis dimension distortion, and so she makes quick work of Erza’s various armors
  • Erza finally sheds her armor and goes for a Chinese like fighting costume made entirely of cloth
  • Erza comments that she’s always been hiding behind her armor, and that was because she was weak
  • Erza states that its different now and charges in
  • Erza loses one of her two swords, but breaks Ikaruga’s sword as well
  • Ikaruga topples to the floor, defeated
  • Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu are being carried to the top of the Tower by Happy and Simon respectively
  • Natsu wakes up and finds out that Gray defeated Fukuro, and isn’t all too thrilled at the fact that Gray now has bragging rights
  • Erza reaches Jellal in the tower
  • Gray, Happy, Lucy, Juvia as well as wally and Molliana leave the tower via a small sail boat
  • Back on the stairs to the tower, Simon asks that Natsu save Erza
  • He lets it be known that there are 10 minutes before Etherion fires and that Erza probably means to go out with Jellal
  • Back in the Tower, Erza breaks free off one of Jellal’s containment spells and proceeds to slash him
  • As Jellal is falling back, he wonders if this is really the same Erza he knew


Opinions: (B+)

A nice episode for sure, especially with Erza finally getting into action. Erza losing her armor and using that Chinese-ish Sword slaying costume  was nice, especially with her whole reason for donning armor being that she was weak. Now that she’s shed her weakness, she is definitely a lot stronger. As always, Erza’s costumes are quite skimpy… gotta provide the fanservice I guess? XD

Erza also powering through and Going at Jellal was nice. It seems like Etherion is going to fire, and its going to take everyone out in 10 minutes. Natsu’s got to race against time to make sure Erza doesn’t just die with Jellal!

(This opinion is a short one because I fell behind and had to do 5 episodes in a row XD)

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