Nelfa Empire! How picturesque! How grand! How green! A fitting place to start episode 05 from! Tis located west of Roland, has plenty of history and would be the perfect vacation spot were it not for the pesky fact that there’s a bit of a history between Nelfa and Roland. The current Nalfarian Emperor, Greed (*smacks him on the back* I KNEW you couldn’t be dead you old slug! 😀 I knew Father didn’t totally take you in? . . . say what? I’m in denial over FMA’s ending? What makes you say that?) is doing good for the country and its well being as a result has gained the status of a good king. And this kingdom is scattered with old ruins all over the place where it is rumored that the relics of the Legendary Heroes lie.

Ryner falls flat on his face cause…there are just too many of them! Sane people slowly and carefully back away from the crazy person who has fallen on his face in the middle of a market place while Ferris watches him whine that he’s exhausted…and sleepy….and hungry. At which Ferris mutters that she hasn’t seen any dango shops around either. She turns to Ryner and tells him to get her some dango, POST HASTE! From the ground, Ryner inquires why him. Aha~ he’s being pushed down by Ferris…Ferris-chan…he cant go get you dango if you keep stepping on him like that~~~

Ryner refuses saying that by saying that “Cause I ran out of the dango I bought” is not exactly answering his question AND he’s at his limit! He’s tired of ruins, dangos etc etc so why don’t they find a nice place to rest! =D Ferris blushes saying “So THAT’S your goal.” Oye oye~ *sweatdrops* this woman scares the hell outta me in some ways…Ryner looks up in confusion and Ferris explains that she read in a book once, a man invited a woman into an inn and said that he wont do anything but get some rest but once they get to the inn he turns in a beast…WHAT KINDA BOOKS YOU READ?

Ryner dryly comments that shes getting the wrong idea. Ferris ponders that a master degenerate like him wouldn’t take such an indirect approach. And just WHO is a master degenerate, demands Ryner! And Ferris chirps that they should get to the Nelfa Royal Library instead of goofing off. Ryner asks in confusion, “We were playing just now?” Ferris smiles and he hangs his head saying that he got tricked. Poor guy *pats him on the back*

At the Nelfa Royal Library, Ryner comments that its quite a nice place for a library. He’s happily thinking that such a place should have plenty of information about the Hero relics. Ferris agrees and tells him to get cracking already. Ryner yells at her and tells her to be a bit more helpful but Ferris draws her blade against Ryner which gives him a sudden burst of motivation! =D Ryner cant help but think that she’ll get him killed one day. *whispers* Total agreement there Ryner. As Ferris is walking up the steps, a man calls out for her to wait.

An old guy tells them to “stop right there savages!” Ryner goes “Savages?” The old man goes that he will not allow violent savages like them to enter into a place of sacred knowledge. Ryner hmms a bit and says that true Ferris doesn’t really look like the library type…Ferris replies that well if a sex fiend has a weapon, they’d be really dangerous. With a darkening look, Ryner tells her that her outfit is the real problem here. With sparkles around her, Ferris retorts that what a beautiful woman wears is never a problem. Ryner sweat drops as she blushes slightly and says “Just kidding~” which is enough to win the old man over and he lets them in. OYE OYE~ Is this alright?! Is this really alright?!

Thank you Ryner! He asks why is she the only one who gets to enter the place? When a scream reaches the pair’s ears and they turn around towards the sound. A young man with two kids behind him is facing off a pair of hooligans. Tsk tsk tsk, harassing and bullying kids? How low man! They basically want ‘compensation’ cause one of their clothes got dirty when the kid bumped into em. One of the thugs pushes the young man into the wall while the kids try to push the guy off. The kids are Ibel and Telura while the young man is Toaru no majustu no index. The thug pushes the kids off and almost hits the little girl but Ryner turns the corner just in time and kicks the guy in the face. Just as the girl is thanking him, Ryner says that that was dangerous! And ah, that book! He points at the book the girl is holding. It seems to be the book that he’s been looking for.

This is when the second guy gets pissed at being ignored and tries to punch Ryner. But Ryner grabs the guy’s hand and tosses him over his shoulder and Ryner goes back to asking about the book when he gets bonked on the head by Ferris. *call over the intercom* Cleanup alley 5. Oh for the love of *facepalm* Ferris tells the girl that this is a dangerous place for this man *points at a conked out Ryner* has a habit of abducting girls. Toaru asks who they are…eh? Toaru-SAMA? The old guy from the library is panting in the entrance to the street. Who is this guy?

Ryner and Ferris are let into the library where Ryner says that this place is really amazing! Ryner asks if  Toaru can get him all the books on a particular shelf. The kid goes to get em while Ryner just rolls up his sleeves and is ready to go into research mode when he gets smacked AGAIN by Ferris. What a violent women tsk tsk tsk. The old man yells at Ryner to not order Toaru around like that for he’s not just anybody! For Toaru-sama is the grandson of the … emperor of Nelfa. Toaru rounds the corner with a pile of books just as the old man finishes the introduction and Ryner calmly asks him to get the black book in the other shelf too. Omai….*sweats* you didn’t hear a word of that did you?

Jii-san gets mad that Ryner obviously hasn’t heard a word he said and Toaru asks the jii-san (Gainel) to just drop it. The old man stutters that if he allows himself to be ordered around by people like Ryner, he’ll bring shame to the people of Nelfa. Toaru replies that it would be a greater shame to not show gratitude towards ones savior. Besides which, he was born after his father had fooled around a lot so he’s nothing but an abandoned child. It’s not like he’s someone to be given any excessive credit or anything. Toaru explains that because his mother was a commoner, her and her children (him and the two little ones) were kept locked away in a manor. That’s just the kind of people they are.

Gainel replies that when he thinks of the future of Nelfa, its in general agreement that he is more suited to the throne than Starnel…older brother I’ll assume. Toaru gently tells Ganiel that that’s enough. More importantly, hes not fit to rule. Hrmmmmm…this boys story coincides a lot with Sion’s. Possible talk between Ryner and Toaru about Sion coming up soon? He asks Ryner if there’s any other books he’d like to read? Ryner points to yet ANOTHER shelf of books and says that he’ll leave that up to him. As Toaru is helping his younger brother reach a book he wants on a high shelf, Ryner watches and comments “Oh I see…He does seem a bit like Sion.”

Gainel considers it a damn shame that Toaru and his siblings have been neglected by everyone…while wiping away tears from his eyes. Ryner comments that he doesn’t think that’s so. At least to the kids…but the old man yells at him that what does he know? Oye oye jii-san, quiet in the library and all that jazz eh? Ryner turns with a cold look at the old man and returns the question that just what does he know? Geh, shouldn’t get on this man’s bad side, mental note to self. Meanwhile back in Roland, Sion is working through the paper work (finishing the Seles river flood gate plans) when he gets interrupted by Fiole. (*head on table, banging fist on said table while weeping* WHY cant this series have more easier names to remember?!) The kid slams his hands on the table and asks Sion just how long is he gonna keep working?! He hasn’t even TASTED his food yet. *eyes the fruit bowl* that looks so tasty….

Sion apologizes and asks how Lord Kuriade’s tax payments are coming along. Fiole says that he’s filed a report about it BUT he wont show it to Sion UNLESS he eats the meal RIGHT NOW. Sion laughs and comments that he’s really handy isn’t he? Sion comments that he knew that it was the right choice to bring him here. Fiole smiles and says that this is the best way that he can repay his debt. OH! He was the same kid who was looking for his sister! Ah so this is way after Roland gets outta jail right. Carry on 😀 Fiole wonders whether its alright for someone of his status to achieve this kinda blessing. *pats the kid on the head* yer a good boy Fiole.

Sions stands up saying that he’s wrong for status doesn’t matter. No matter who you are, everyone is entitled to happiness. Sion laments that at present such a world isn’t possible just now.  But he wont give up. That’s the most important thing. Furthermore, he should stop that way of thinking that he is of lower status. Fiole states that he’s glad that he was the one who became the king of Roland. With a light blush (awwww he’s blushing he’s blushing!) Sion stammers “Whats wrong with you suddenly?” and sits back down. Fiole tells him to eat up and to make sure to rest enough too cause there’s a banquet to attend too!

Sions laughs and picks up the bread saying that Fiole should also take the weekend off. He starts to argue against that but Sion says that its for his sister’s sake…no? He should go and see her. That night at the banquet. Claugh asks what is up with Sion’s expression/face. Isn’t socializing with guests one of the greatest duties of the king? Sion chuckles and says that isn’t that what HE wants to do? Calne comes from behind, commenting that Claugh’s love for women is really something. Claugh tells the green eyed boy to run away to his Lady Pearl already. Before a fight can break out, Sion tells them that they’re free to do whatever they want. They immediately agree and run off towards the ladies. HAYA! D:

As Sion watches with amusement, he comments that those two could learn a thing or two from Fiole. Two nobles approach Sion, saying that he should come out and show himself. Lord Beryl and Lord Pearl…well atleast those are easy enough to remember. Yack yack, small talk and buttering up…including fake loud laughter. Sion counts off the people in attendance and thinks that the ones behind the whole movement to dethrone him wouldn’t show up and OTO! Who is this figure lurking in the far shadows? Tis that Kanda look alike! Looks like Sion’s caught sight of him too when Claugh comes up beside him.

Claugh takes him a little over to the side and says that he got a report from one of the guards that Fiole’s been…KILLED?!! WUT?! How when where why HOW?! Both of the nobles be all “Oh look at me I’m a noble and better than the commoners” while Sion is holding back his fists. Sion agrees that it’s a good thing that it was a commoner who died (all the nobles look smug and happy that that comment) when Sion can just grind his teeth in frustration. At the scene of the crime, Sion stands over Fiole’s body before walking away saying that he was at fault. If only he’d have more power…and he punches the wall in frustration. Claugh grabs his arm and tells him to stop thinking like that. There’s a blood stain at the table edge and some papers are scattered about. Sion walks over to check and its some letters from Fiole to Eslina. Ah crap…is there anything worse than reading praises of yourself from an honest child after he’s died partly because of you?

Sion stands up, requesting Claugh to give Fiole a worthy funeral and Calne to make sure that Eslina is looked after, before the nobles can get to her. After the two leave the room, Sion walks back over to Fiole  and kneels by his side. He calls him an idiot for speaking so well of such a weak king who can’t protect anything. Sion weeps over the dead body after closing his eyes. *discreetly fishes around for a Kleenex* While walking down a dark hallway at night (Oh that NEVER bodes well in ANY show), he finds himself face to face with Lucile. Lucile says that if he wants, he can help him get revenge for Fiole. How does murdering everyone involved sound? He is quite prominent in that particular field. Sions says not yet.

Lucile asks if he can persevere until the right time. Sions says that he will. And if he chooses revenge then wouldn’t Lucile have killed him already? And he walks past Lucile. “A useless king, a king without sense of time, A weak-hearted king, isn’t something we need right?” Lucile’s words echo slightly in the empty corridor behind Sion. Quite a disappearing act there Lucile. If only he could join Ryner and Ferris on their carefree journey, Sion muses to the moon in the sky. He’s a little jealous of them…

Back in Nelfa, a whole buncha kids are being their usually noisy self around two large tables as they eat their dinner. In another corner, Ryner and Ferris are eating away too while Toaru tells the kids to not fight or run while running. Ryner apologizes for barging into his home so suddenly. Toaru says that its nothing really, its always like this anyways. As he finishes pouring a second helping to a kid, his little sister shows up with a pie. Confused Toaru asks where the pie came from. She says that the old lady from the general store showed up with it. Something about doing their best to beat the stupid crown prince. Toaru can only grin in a bemused manner as Ryner comments that hes got it hard too no?

Toaru says that everyone thinks differently. But for them, its enough as it is at present. Walking to his room, Ryner muses that both Sion and Toaru – royalty sure have a hard time. Before he can open the door, a familiar blonde dashes in from stage right. IRIS?! When did she…HOW … she… *flailing arm movements* aisndapjsd NANDE?! She keeps trying to land a blow on Ryner but he keeps ducking or dodging em as Iris literally bounces off the walls. AUGH DON’T USE A BOOK FOR A SHEILD RYNER! Before a punch can hit him between the eyes, Ferris asks what’s she doing here?

Ferris holds back Iris with one hand as she says that she came to…save…Ferris. WHO IS THE OLDER ONE HERE?! I SWEAR this whole family is a bunch of KOOKS. Cause Ferris just disappeared so suddenly, Iris got worried and came after her. Ferris apologizes and Ryner tries to digest that this little girl is Ferris’s little sister. Twice the headache now huh Ryner? Iris tells them that Sion said that..the two of them had been abducted by some giant beast and that they were on a journey to find the greatest dango ever. Long story short, Iris wound up becoming Sion’s personal information carrier.


So Iris is basically their only way to contact Sion then? Ryner questions. Ferris says that baring one thing, this meeting is quite complete. Iris pulls out … many boxes of Wynnit dango combination set. *falls over* permission to never get up again please? (- – );;; Ryner mutters that yeah its awesome that Iris got 100 points from Ferris and Iris happily agrees before slapping a hand over her mouth muttering that if a child talks to a wild beast then they’re done for. Ferris apologizes quickly for she was talking to that wild beast previously. Is it just me or the “beat up on Ryner” thing is just…NOT funny anymore? Or atleast…the whole physically beat up on Ryner thing courtesy of the Elric blondes….Anyways, Iris punches Ryner in the gut, who falls over like a newly cut tree.

Back in Roland, some nobles are proposing that Sion go and visit Nelfa because the neighboring countries have grown a bit restless thanks to all the changes brought about by the new king of Roland. It would be in the country’s best interest if he were to visit Nelfa with the express interest of peace. Sion says that there are far more important internal matters that need to be dealt with so he cant give them a direct answer just yet. The other noble bows and says that he should please keep it in mind and think about it before answering.

While leaving, Claugh comments that it’s a trap isn’t it? Sion theorizes that maybe there are some people in Nelfa who’re connected to the people of the dethroning movement. Claugh says that the chances of that are high but as long as he’s in Roland, the dethroning movement wouldn’t dare lay a hand on him. Sion finishes the statement, grimly saying that instead they got Fiole. As Claugh opens the door for Sion, he stops when he spies a figure standing before Sion’s desk. Ah~ Kanda-look-a-like-chan~ He apologizes saying that because no one was there, he decided to just wait there for a while.

Claugh asks for a name. Miran Froaude, son of Lord Karlal Froaude, lieutenant colonel in Roland’s Royal Army. *eyes the feathery shoulder caps* I sure hope that isn’t the uniform for your army bub….I mean…its interesting sure but…and wow what a ring! O_O Claugh walks up to the man asking what might a noble’s son be doing here? Miran says that he is here to inquire whether the king is secretly gathering talented people who could oppose the nobles. UWA *eyes him with disgust* Don’t TELL me that even the ARMY is on the side of the dethroning movement?!

Sions steps up, saying that hes aware of who Miran is. Whoa, he became second lieutenant by the age of 17?! While he might be the son of Lord Froaude’s son but he was initially an orphan taken in by the Froaude house no? Miran bows his head and adds in that he’s a person who resorts to anything to complete a mission and he would do anything for a promotion. Err…is that…really something…you should say out loud like that? In front of the King much less? Miran asks that didn’t he hear that from Fiole’s report?

Sion narrows his eyes and asks what does someone like him want with him? Miran eyes Claugh and Sion asks him to step out. He’s not happy about it but complies unhappily. Sions asks what does he want. Miran walks up to him and says that isn’t Sion the one who wants something? Sion’s confused and Miran explains that its because HE had need for MIRAN that he came here. *puzzled head tilt* Lucile sent you or something? Miran informs Sion that there are lights gathering around him – dazzling lights of hope (his vassals) and with them comes a mighty power with which he can change the country. But what he seeks to achieve, isn’t achievable by just that. Sion is still semi-glaring at him as Miran asks if Sion can continue to bear that darkness all by himself? Of course he cant, Miran replies with a shake of the head. (HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE LONG ASS NAILS YOU HAVE D: WHY) He is the country’s king, their shining light of hope.

This is why, he asks Sion to let him bear that darkness on his behalf so that Sion may achieve his goal. Sion asks and just what is it that he (Sion) is seeking…Miran can claim to know what that is? With a small confident smile, Miran says that he knows it of course. Sion replies, “Hooo? Let’s see then.” Miran’s reply? That Sion wants to see the flag of Roland across the entire continent of Menoris. Sion can only laugh and call that quite an outrageous dream! Too bad for him but all that Sion wants is for wars to be gone and for people of all classes to live a happy life. Miran says that but of course as king, he must proclaim these kind of kinds…no matter how he thinks on the inside. The darkness that remains, will all be his to bear.

For that reason, he would personally get rid of his father without hesitation. Okay I do not like the creepy assumption that Sion’s real goal is to take over the entire continent and start of more wars. AWAY WITH YEE you you…visual kei goth emo band vocalist wanna be! And two…yikes. To say to easily that he’ll personally get rid of his own father? YEEE-IKES! Yep that last point doesn’t seem to sit right with Sion as Miran kneels before him and asks him to use him as he (Sion) sees fit. Sion only looks on cooly at the man before asking if he would truly kill his own father. Miran chuckles and says surely he jests.

Oh yeah…Sion’s realllllly not happy with that one. He moves to sit behind his desk and EEEEEEEH?! He wants Miran to work for him?! NE NE Sion?! NANDE?! TELL me it’s a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer! PLEASE TELL ME THAT’S IT! Ne ne *grabs him and shakes him* I’m telling you he’s got an agenda bigger than Obama and Bush PUT TOGETHER! D:

Score: B/A


Gadzooks, the plot thickens even further thanks to this Miran guy! Poor Sion’s really taken the heaviest burden for himself by becoming king and tossing the journey part onto Ryner’s head. I feel bad for the guy and I cant help but think of the saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And also “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I would well and truly hate to see Sion having to forgo his ideals and goals….but with people like Claugh and Calne by his side, we can hope that that wont happen any time soon right?

Miran…Miran Miran Miran…theres nothing more interesting and scary as hell than an a power hungry guy who is willing to do anything to get what he wants. And I still hope that he was jesting about killing his own father. Sion really wouldn’t take that well given how much he loved his own mother and all.

Iris…please go away. Or atleast stop picking on Ryner for God’s sake please! It was only funny the first two times seriously. Now every time he gets wacked on the head or gets called a sexual deviant makes me sigh and go “Manzai desu~.”

There’s something up with Miran’s ring…it glinted twice and in the preview, Miran holds his hand up as though hes…about to…do a spell….maybe it amplifies the user’s magic abilities? Or grants them a special magic? Hrummmm I want the next episode already to know whats up with that ring.

A dethroning movement you say? No surprise to hear that. It’s got to be by the nobles but duh. But which is the question at hand…but to take Fiole out?! That’s just low and just…*shakes fist at the bastards* to kill an innocent boy like that! But wait…WHY Fiole? *puzzled* Could there be more to that story than at first sight? Naaaa that’s not possible…that wasn’t hinted at…

Toaru seems like a really nice guy…seems like he’s make for a king and benevolent King. Makes me wonder if his older brother is of the prat variety…and when he says that he is not fit to be King, what exactly is that supposed to mean? And I hope that in the next episode, we see more of Toaru’s story and reallllly hoping that he becomes a shoe-in for the King and thus enabling for good ties between Roland and Nelfa 😀 It’ll shut the idiot nobles up AND let Ferris and Ryner roam the ruins in relative peace.

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