Summary Key Points:


  • Takashi reflects on the events starting from the day when the first zombie appeared.
  • Saeko and the rest of the group on the bus seem to be trying to cross the bridge, but its taking them a while with all the traffic and the police trying to clear all the zombies out of the way
  • Takashi and Rei find a Police car and Rei extracts some much needed weaponry from there.
  • With the gun, Takashi and Rei head forward to a gas station to get some gas
  • Rei is grabbed by a man gone crazy from all the events of the day
  • Takashi fills the tank of the bike as Rei is held hostage by the man
  • Takashi uses an opening to shoot the man in the arm
  • As the man lies on the ground in pain, Rei and Takashi leave
  • The man is left to die at the hands of the zombies that are attracted by the noise
  • Takashi and Rei head towards the city, as the sun rises and morning breaks


Opinions: (B)

It was kinda disappointing how most of this episode was a recap. We’re only into the fourth episode and we start to get half episode recaps? I dunno, the whole idea didn’t sit all that well with me. I’m glad there was some new content in the later half though.

Takashi bringing up Hisashi kinda surprised me, as I was expecting Rei to bring it up from the preview last week. I can’t say I blame Takashi though, as all Rei does is bring him down most of the time. At the same time, I can’t bring myself to hate Rei as much anymore, especially because she’s calmed down a bit and is acting much more maturely than before. I still don’t think she’s good enough for Takashi though.

The small encounter with the crazy guy in the episode was a nice show of how people who did survive were pretty much destroyed with despair anyway. I was kinda surprised at how heavily the scene with Rei being “felt up” by that guy was censored, while at the same time they still allowed the viewer to see her bra being shown off a few  seconds later?

Either way, the moment was a great way for Takashi to act cool again, and I especially liked the line: “Better than to have my woman stolen by someone”. I also like the fact that Takashi actually felt some sense of regret or guilt for having just killed a person, even if it was unavoidable given said person’s mental condition.

We also get a small scene with Shido and the group, and I’m beginning to think more and more along the lines of Shido being some sort of pervert who hits on his female students. The way he hugged those two female students was downright creepy, and I wasn’t alone in showing my disdain for it, as Saeko and Takagi were equally disgusted.

All in all, not much happened this episode, and while I like this show immensely, I do hope this whole recap thing doesn’t occur too often.


Next episode will move on to getting things going again, as everyone runs into more zombies on the street!!

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