Well at least there’s one show in the summer lineup that seems to have good comedy up its sleeve! And i’ll give you three words that should reel you in to watch atleast the first ep. The same three words that reeled me in. “Neko neko knuckles”. I dare you to say that out loud and not giggle or chuckle.


[spoiler]Right so! Onward lads and lasses to the first episode of Ookami-san! We open up with an shot of the sky (huh…lookie all them clouds…it might rain) and a chase scene into an alley! Blonde guy is being chased by a long haired, fierce eyed girl claiming to be from the Otogi Bank (he ran into a dead end). The supremely non-busty gal tells the guy to stop stalking the girl. If not, certain photographs will be sent to the police AND his family~ (last part said by a little person with the cutest voice ever~)

Stupid blonde guy pulls out a knife! (dun dun dun DUUUUN) Declaring that the girl is his. Fierce girl pulls out a pair of… cat..shaped…boxing gloves…*stop mid review and writes a letter to Santa requesting for a pair of those gloves* Righto…so she puts on the gloves and the guy runs towards her. But just before he can swing at her, a small rock comes flying and hits the guy on his hand, making him drop his knife. The girl notices this but takes advantage of the opening and punches the guy out. He’s out for the count, complete with a neko smile on his swollen cheek. Fierce eyed girl aka Ryouko-chan gets told by the little girl aka Ringo-chan, that she  got the whole thing on tape. Ryouko begins to ask something but brushes it off. Camera pans out and we see a suspicious figure watching the two (ho ho~~)

And it was at this point that I knew that this narrator was my most favorite ever so far. We’re introduced to Otogibana City, more precisely Otogi Academy. There in, we have first-year Ookami Ryouko aka Ookami-san (who is tired of fighting off all those punks) and her friend, Ringo-san aka Little Red Riding Hood, also a first year. The pitifully small-chested Ookami-san and Akazuki-chan are the heroines of the our series and they dont take very kindly to that sentence(^^;;) They are part of the Otogi Academy Student Mutual Assistance Association aka Otogi Bank, though its a club.

They work with their err…’unique’ sempai consisting of the President, Kiriki Liszt or simply ‘the President’. Other members include the Pres’s cousin (Kiriki Alice), the maid (Otsuu-san). So they’re discussing that its a bit dangerous having to send girls out to fight punks, so shouldn’t they have more male members? Ookami-san states that isn’t Urashima enough? Cue camera to the door where a reasonably attractive, long haired guy is being err…*looks off screeen* is he being molested or taken down? I can’t tell which….with the narration it feels more like molestation though…and the girl who is err….err…trying to…do..whatever with him is Otohime-san. Cue door closage with the narrator stating that its up to our imaginations about what they’re doing behind the closed door (See see! This narrator is awesome XD)

Ookami-san is pissed and the Pres tells them to please find some male members. After the club, Ookami-san heads to the gym where she practices her punches at the sand bag. Cue fan service scene which turns into an utter comedic lulz cause well….pitiful chest….*ducks the furious glare* On the way back home. A meek voice calls out her name and “I..l-like..you…” She turns around but..no one’s there. Again, someone says ‘I l-like you’ but again, no one’s there! And third time’s a charm, our boys jumps out. He’s from the same class as Ryouko, name being Morino Ryoushi. But she doesn’t remember him (can’t blame her on that one XD)

As she stares at him, trying to remember him…he kinda emm….wilts underneath her stare…and by that i mean he crumples up into a whimpering, shivering heap while wailing “Minaidei!” Ryouko asks what was the thing before and he confesses again (trembling like bad). But Ryouko doesnt have any intention of going out with anyone. Ryoushi literally clings to her boot, asking her to atleast think a little about it before rejecting him! She agrees and asks him what does he like about her. He tells her that he likes the way shes strong and cool and brave and is so wild and manly but is actually a- he looks up but of course she’s gone *leans over to Ryoushi* Ne…you….are a bit clueless arn’t you?

That night at the forms, Ringo is super surprised and err..pleased at the fact that someone confessed to Ryouko after noticing  her beauty and coolness and asks who the guy was. (The two are room mates and have been since middle school). Alas for the poor guy, even Ringo doesn’t remember him. But she pulls some info up on her laptop and Ryouko’s curious about as well. Ringo teases her a bit and states firmly that she must make certain that he’s worthy of her (eeek that look kinda freaks me out!) Truely she has the mind set of a mother-in-law…kowai~

So the poor guy is completely average amongst all guys, on a national scale (Well that takes talent I suppose….) In order not to really stand out, he usually hides his presence. This was taught to him by his grand dad, who is a Mitagi hunter (from Northern Japan apparently. They hunt using traditional ways). And as such, he is being recruited! Yay~~~Ryouko’s pissed at how things are this way! Meanwhile, Ryoushi looks like he’d be more comfortable bleeding in a pool filled with sharks…cause everyone’s staring at him…more curl-age into a quivering ball as the others discuss him. Apparently he grew up in the rural mountains so he’s really not used to being seen…a bad case of scopophobia.

Ringo lets it slip that he confessed to Ryouko and the others ask bout it. He admits that he’s wanted to confess since a week ago and was following her around for a week (;;;;;; wouldnt that make you a stalker?!) and he just managed yesterday. Anyhows, he gets accepted into the club but its not alright with Ryouko. She’s pissed that when she was facing down the punk with the knife, he was there and he just stood by and didn’t do anything. She cannot accept a person who just stood by and watching while another was in danger and as such, cannot trust him with her back. (Why don’t you drop a 16 ton weight on his head while yer at it Ryou-chan~)

Ryoushi admits weakly that is a bit of a cowardly guy and it can’t be helped that she thinks that way of him. At that moment a guest comes in with a request. The President states that this could be his chance to prove himself to Ryou-chan.So the request put forward was by one Kakari-chan a bout a senpai in her tennis club. The system is that if anyone wants the help of the Otagi Bank, they must help them back in returns. or to quote the narrator “The Otogi Bank helps people, making a loan and forces its returns in ways that would turn loan sharks pale”.

The request is pretty simple. The ace of the tennis club is hurt and planning to quit the club but a while ago, he helped Kakari deal with her depression over leaving the tennis club. He cheered her up and let her come over and watch them practice. So she doesn’t want him to quit the club ergo, needs the club’s help to stop him from submitting his resignation. Basically, for a club resignation to be final, it needs to be filled with the proper information and then gain approval from the club president, club moderator, the home room teacher and submitted to the Athletic Club’s Council Meeting (the next meeting being the next day at 5pm, next meeting being next week). The plans put forward are to either steal the form from him or to ensure that the paper doesn’t get stamped by the club pres and all. And for that a constant watch needs to be kept on the guy. Ryou-cchi agrees and this becomes part of a test of his abilities. So! He goes on his mission!

He stal..err..follows him around while being followed around by Ringo and Ryouko. He’s being checked if he’s worthy of being with Ryou-chan~ Anyhows, they all wind up at the public baths. The girls figure, what the heck they’re here anyways so might as well take a bath and enjoy themselves. (Yet another dissapointing fan se-*runs away at the glares*) So while our ace is washing himself, Ryou-cchi is going through his bag in search of the resignation form. But of course, someone comes and taps him on the shoulder and stares at him. Ryou-cchi panics and runs out…did i mention he’s wearing just his towel? And he runs out in that…where the girls are….and the towel slips off….and he gets punched to next week by Ryou-chan (^^;;)…

So the next day~ all they gotta do is prevent the guy from getting approval from all the people. Easy peasy, no problemo….YEAH RIGHT. Every time Ryou-cchi tries to get even close to him, SOMEONE stares at him and he curls up into a little Ryou-ball XD.  In the end, its after school and the only option is to stop him from getting to the meeting. They search for him and he’s heading for the meeting room! Its only 5 minutes to 5! Even if they run, they wont make it! It seems like they need the help of…MAJO-SAN! … wow I want that hat. Shes the obligatory crazy cute mad scientist of the bunch. But err…why a pumpkin? I mean…PUMPKIN? A BICYCLE pumpkin? Guess they dont call them mad scientists for nothing… (^^;;)

Clearly this is Cinderella, you’ll find out soon enough how. Trust me…Anyhows, Ryou-cchi says that he’ll pedal with Kakari inside the pumpkin and they’ll stop the guy FOR SURE! Ryou-chan points out a small, teeny tiny, eensy weensy flaw in the plan…if he rides this err..bike, people will stare at him and he’ll get..well…but! As expected of the mad scientist! She’s even thought of a solution for this problem! So the pair is riding away at full pelt! Kakari yelling out directions to Ryou-cchi who….is….wearing an eye mask…while pedaling a bicycle. Nice children shouldn’t do that please~ The turn a sharp right corner and hark! The senpai is right in front of them! They need to stop!

And of course Ryou-cchi would love but eeemmm…seems like Majo-san thought that aaaah… brakes were not…necessary…(indeed as expected of Majo-san) Ryou-cchi takes the mask off to see for himself that they arn’t stopping…and of course notices all the looks and curls up on the seat and they accidentally hit a bench! Propelling Kakari front and out of the pumpkin! It looks like she’s gonna crash right into her beloved Senpai’s back! :O


She twists in the air and cartwheels! STRAIGHT INTO HER SENPAI’S FACE! NICE CRANIUM KICK TO THE FACE! Senpai is out for the count, his form is snatched up and its a general retreat. But whats this~ Kakari-san’s shoe was left behind~~~

So in the end, the request was fulfilled, even if Kakari wound up kicking her beloved Senpai in the face…(twice if you wanna count…) Ringo and Ryouko are dicussing this on the way back when the blonde punk from the start shows up, looking for some payback. Ryou-chan tells Ringo to back away while she puts on her Neko Neko Knuckles, made by Majo-san~ <3 They come at her but she gives em the old one-two! But its still three on one and one of the guys come in from the back with a lead pipe! :O How dastardly! But Ryou-cchi yells out a warning to Ryou-chan but it looks like it came too late! She’s gonna get hit! But whats this! Ryou-cchi jumped in to take the hit for her and blonde gets ANOTHER punch to the face..oh look, he’s sporting two cat smiles on his face now, one on each cheek.

Ryou-chan asks him what the hell he thought he was doing. With a sheepish laugh Ryou-cchi says that he followed her thinking that he’d apologize but then…and he wanted to look cool by taking them out on his own but he just froze and all he could manage was to be a shield for her. She smiles and gives him a hard smack on the back, saying that he can do it when he wants too (Ryou-chan…itai desu~~~) They smile and get interrupted by Ringo, declaring Ryou-cchi as an official companion.Ryouko tells him not to be too much of a bum and to call her Ryouko (and she’ll call him Ryoushi in return). And that is how our dear Ryou-cchi became one of Ryouko’s nakama~

Now about that shoe that was left behind. Our Prince felt that it was destiny that his Princess left her shoe behind and he went quickly in search of her! A large line of girls was formed! They all came to wear the shoe! And to kick the senpai as hard as they could. Of course none of the kicks measured up~ as they all kicked him either like a girl (complete with a “iieh~!” or in the gut, not to the face~) and then Kakari-san tried on the shoe and was told to kick him! She takes a few steps back….. Cartwheels and CRANIUM KIIIIIIICK! While flat on his back, the Senpai realises…HE HAS FOUND HIS PRINCESS~! And thus asks her to kick him again…in the face..and again…and againAND AGAIN~ *dryly* Yer quite the M arn’t you Senpai~ <3 And everyone lived happily ever after~~~


Opinions: (A)

I found myself falling in love with show cause of the cracky narrator (with whom I shared three lines on three separate occasions! Thats never happened before XD), the lovable good ball of a hero and the sheer crackyness of the humor. What kinda cracked up Cinderalla story was THAT? XD A cranium kick to the head I swear *chuckling away in her seat* I look forward to the next episode~! 😀

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