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High School of the Dead seems to be the first good series of the season. Now if only the main focus of the series was the awesomely cool Takashi… but alas, this is a girls beat zombies while having exceedingly large assets jiggle show…. Either way, the first episode has me intrigued. If you give me a good dose of Takashi in each episode, I don’t care if the main character of the show is a girl with purple hair and a wooden sword, I’ll love this show XD

I do want to stress, that I’m not against fan service, or female leads in shows(, although I’d be lying if I said that the recent trend of it happening everywhere is not getting tiresome) but I do feel that this show really doesn’t need it. In fact, in this very first episode the dynamic that’s been setup between Takashi and Rei, is pretty darn interesting. A childhood friend that liked him but later grew to like his best friend. All hell breaks loose and said said best friend, Hisashi, turns into a zombie and is killed. And now, for the first time, Takashi actually gets a chance to hold the girl he likes?

The series is good enough with drama and blood thirsty zombie action and gore, I don’t really see the need for all that boob jiggle or the panty shots, it just doesn’t fit in a show that’s strong and serious enough without all this. I suppose the otaku demographic still needs its fanservice though XD.

I think a large part of what makes me  say that I don’t want a female lead and I don’t feel fanservice is necessary is in the fact that the main guy in this show, is NOT a wuss. He’s a cool, somewhat “no shit” fellow, and I loved the way he just decided to leave when Rei started the whole “you killed him cause you hated him” stuff in her grief. I dunno, maybe its been a while since I saw a cool character like this, but either way, its quite a nice change, and I’d rather the series focused on him, rather than a bunch of girls. That’s just my wish though, and I doubt the series will be a bad one even if it doesn’t do that.

I’m not sure if I’ll blog this series just yet. I do want to focus on getting regular, timely reviews of Fairy Tail done, but if this series continues to give me much more to talk about, then cool. If anything, this and Kuroshitsuhi II seem to be the only series that I’ll probably even be watching this season. I’ll probably give that a try too, but I know I can’t keep up with three series and pump out full series reviews as well (I’ve got 5 in the pipeline, and another 3 after that XD).

If I do blog this though, I’ll edit this post with the summary key points. Either way,its good series. Definitely recommended based on the first episode. The Animation and art is awesome as well, and its just nice seeing a unique Zombie show, it’s surprising that this hasn’t been done before XD

~Previewed/Blogged by Setsuken

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