Summary Key Points:


  • Anri’s past is revealed, her father was a failing buisness man who took out his frustration through violence on his family
  • Anri uses Saika and takes over the control of the Saika army from Haruna.
  • Shizou is able to stop just as the Saika’s control over people finishes. He is glad to have been able to stop himself.
  • Anri learns of Izaya and the fact that he was behind the whole incident.
  • The slasher incident sends Mikado to investigate and prepare for a future confrontation.
  • Kida ends up returning the Yellow scraves, and he blames the dollars and the Slashers for his need to return to the gangster life.


Opinions: (A+)

This episode wrapped up the whole slasher incident. Izaya was indeed behind it, and ultimately, this arc served as a way for Anri to get her own army. Now, Mikado has his dollars, Anri has her saika army and finally Kida has rejoined his Yellow scarves group. Everything is going according to Izaya’s plan.

The war between all three sides seems to be gearing up, with all three of the leaders of each side unaware that their best friends are their opponents. I think, even though this development was sort of obvious, I’m very curious to see  what’s going to go on from here. How things will play out and what circumstances will lead to the eventual war. That, is the thing that will be worth seeing in the coming episodes.

First though, we’re going to get an arc with Kida’s backstory. Its been a long unanswered question and its about time we get to find out what exactly happened between Saki, Izaya and Kida. Its interesting to see that Izaya actually  considers Kida a threat. I was expecting to see Kida be the one to figure  out that Izaya is playing him, Anri and Mikado, but looking at how angry and emotionally unstable he is right now, he’ll play right into Izaya’s hands.

Perhaps the only person left who might be able to figure things out is Mikado, but he trusts Izaya, so that seems unlikely. Celty is probably the one that knows the most, and she’ll play a key role in everything. If only she’d tell Mikado everything, I’m sure he could fix things quickly. Of course, Celty wants to respect Anri’s wishes, leading to eventual disaster.

Another interesting aspect is the teams, I’d say that Mikado has the strongest. Shizou, Celty and Simon? As strong as Anri’s slasher force is, I doubt it could keep a fight up with Shizou and the rest of the dollars. The only problem though, is that Mikado has probably the least amount of control over his forces. Anri and Kida are both established leaders, with total control over their forces.

Nuff said, this was a nice conclusion to the arc, a lot of things were resolved, and things are definitely heading towards the peak of the story!

Next Episode:

We finally get to see Kida’s backstory and his relation to Izaya. From the looks of it, Kida isn’t afraid to throw a few punches at Izaya, contrary to how scared he was before. Next week… GET HERE! ARGH! XD

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