Summary Key Points:


  • Shizou pummels Niekawa and comments on it feeling not right
  • Celty captures Saika, the blade that posessed Niekawa with her shadow powers and takes Anri home
  • Celty and Shinra discuss the events
  • Shinra finds that the blade they have, is not really Saika, but a butcher knife
  • The real Saika is still at large
  • Celty wonders why Saika disappeared 5 years ago, but only resurfaced recently.
  • Shinra suggests that someone really strong got a hold of Saika and kept it in control
  • They check the chatroom to see dozens of Saikas. Shinra concludes that Saika is multiplying
  • Shizou confronts Izaya, asking him how involved he is in the current situation
  • Izaya denies it, but Shizou is hardly convinced
  • As both Shizou and Izaya get ready to rumble, Celty appears and interrupts
  • She shows Shizou a chatroom, with hundreds of Saikas in there
  • As Shizou and Celty leave, Izaya comments on how he hates that a dumb idiot like Shizou is so smart
  • Shizou and Celty head to the central Park, and are attacked by dozens of child Saikas
  • The Saika posessed people comment on how they accept Shizou, and Shizou laugh
  • Shizou says that he’s going to go and unleash his full power
  • Anri is attacked by Niekawa’s daughter, who had an affair with her teacher Takashi
  • Takashi intrudes by visiting Anri’s place
  • Haruna (Niekawa’s daughter) goes after Takashi, who runs away after seeing her
  • As Takashi is about to be killed by Haruna (who is posessed by Saika), Anri interferes
  • Haruna/Saika, now angry as hell, attacks Anri but she blocks the bad with her hand?!?!?!
  • Anri pulls out Saika from her hand, and comments that the original Saika is hers
  • She says that she is the parasite of Saika, and cannot love.


Opinions: (A+)

Holy hell! I had a decent suspicion that Anri might be the slasher, but it turns out that Anri is the ORIGINAL, real Saika weilder? First Mikado and now Anri? This show has a habit of making its most mundane characters become epicly cool. The  way the story built up to Anri was just… amazing and shocking.I’ve got to say, Anri’s backstory is kinda sad, but interesting at the same time.

Anri isn’t weak, she’s actually dead strong, and strong enough to control Saika to a degree. The reason she acts all weak and helpless is to keep Saika at bay and not have it go wild. The whole idea is just… epic. This is just as good of a build up as Mikado’s. I’m guessing, that Mikado, Anri and Kida are the main pillars of the story and plot. Each has had their own arc with them as the center stage.

That said, Izaya probably planned to bring out Anri. He may be orchestrating a war between Kida, Anri and Mikado. As Mikado and Kida may eventually square off in the whole “Yellow scarves versus the Dollars” thing. I wonder where Anri will fit into all of this? Time will tell I guess. If anything, we know for sure that at this point, Izaya is indeed the main villain of the series.  I still love the guy though, he’s an amazing character.

The comedy was also there in this episode, with the whole Izaya and Shizou boy love comment by Erika really hitting home and making me laugh hard. The later discussion by Shinra and Celty over the topic was just friggin hilarious too.There’s too much to love about this episode, and if anything, Durarara!! considers to amaze and intrigue.

I’m guessing after this arc, we’ll get to see Kida’s story before we go on over to the finale. There’s still a good deal of episodes left, so I’m very happy and excited about where this will go!

Anri as the Saika wielder eh? I wonder how Mikado is going to react to the fact that Anri can’t love anyone? XD

Next Episode:

Next episode should wrap up the story for this arc. Look foward to it!

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