Last week, we got to see Luffy duke it out with the Assistant Warden Hannyabal down in Level 4. Even though Luffy proved to be more powerful, Hannyabal’s iron determination to not let the prisoners pass on to the higher levels instilled hope amongst the jailers, who cheered on for him. However, the arrival of Blackbeard and the revelation that he was the one responsible for Ace’s capture sparks rage within Luffy, who takes him head on out of sheer madness.

The episode starts off with Blackbeard sent flying off by Luffy’s Jet Pistol, triggering the battle between the two. Blackbeard displays his power, imposing that he has the power to nullify all Devil Fruit users’ abilities. Despite this warning, Luffy gears up to fight him anyway, and is stopped only by Jinbei’s persuasions, who tells him to focus on saving Ace. When inquired by Crocodile as to what he is even doing there in the first place even though he is a Warlord, Blackbeard simply replies that he is moving things all according to his plan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the inmates move up the staircase that has been cleared by Blackbeard and crew for fear of Magellan approaching, only to encounter the Minotaurus blocking it halfway up. Ivankov and Sadi continue to battle each other, and it is revealed to Magellan as he hurries across Level 4 that the surveillance system for the entire prison has been taken down, and communications with the Marines have been severed. As the report is being passed on to Magellan, Shiryuu takes down everyone in the communications room, implying that he has some plans of his own that are in conflict with those of Impel Down.

Back on Level 1, Buggy and Mister 3 move their entire posse ever so closer to freedom “flashily”. The inmates all cheer for Captain Buggy, who himself is pretty amazed at his luck thus far. As the prisoners back on Level 4 make their escape, Luffy decides to save the fight for another day and resolves to going after Ace once again, leaving Blackbeard to his machinations. Blackbeard inquires whether Luffy actually did find Sky Island, triggering a flashback when the two first met on the island of Jaya. As they part ways, Blackbeard claims that he is about to put on “a show that’ll shake the world to its core” in just a few hours. Moving forward, Luffy once again takes care of the Minotaurus, this time singlehandedly, and the rest make their way to Level 3. As Magellan rushes hot on their trail, he encounters Blackbeard and crew and attacks them with his Poison powers point-blank. Ordering his subordinates to take care of Hannyabal and the rest of the guards, Magellan continues his pursuit of the escapees. The episode ends with Magellan yelling out in rage that he will stop Luffy at all costs from escaping the prison.

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