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OP 2 : 「コンプリケイション」 (Complication) by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D Impressions:

The 13th episode, which has come after a 1 week break, comes with a handy new OP and ED Set. I’ve got to say, I love the new OP. Its extremely awesome. The animation is A LOT more awesome, and I definitely love the new song more than the last one. The choregraphy for the whole thing is amazing too. We also get to know who Kida’s girl is, And I’ll be calling her Saki-chan from now on. But either way, definitely awesome stuff! A must see/hear!


ED 2: 「Butterfly」 by ON/OFF Impressions:

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Along with the stellar OP, the ED is amazing as well. In many ways, the ED retains the style of the old one in terms of animation, but the song is a lot more upbeat and intense, definitely matching the epic OP theme. In a lot of ways, the ED matches the OP a lot more, and they feel more like a cohesive pair than the first set, even though they’re done by different bands. The animation is also top notch, with a view of a high building, and then heading into a montage of all the characters, before we see Celty riding off into the distance. Awesome stuff!


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