I’ve had some trouble this week and wasn’t really able to sit down and watch some anime in peace. Hence, the late post. Only got a hold of the episode last night and watched it ASAP.

The latest episode marks the return of Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai that Luffy had defeated in the past. After the Marines discovered his plans in Arabasta, he was imprisoned and meant to rot down in Level 6. Even though he no longer has the title of Shichibukai, Crocodile still maintains his clout, that is until Ivankov makes it clear that the two have met in the past. Crocodile makes a deal with Luffy – release him and he’ll help the party escape, and while he remains treacherous as ever, Ivankov hints at a secret between the two that can be used to keep Crocodile in check. Witnessing all the events down in Level 6, Ace’s cellmate, the merman Shichibukai Jinbei also pledges his help in saving Ace from his execution. Jinbei’s request is readily accepted by Luffy. And so, after releasing the two inmates, a powerful team is formed. The party makes its way back up to Level 5, where Ivankov stays back and delegates the Candies to break out of Impel Down. Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbei make their way up to Level 4 with ease.

Crocodile still proves to be an extremely adept Devil Fruit user despite his time in prison, and Jinbei also displays his impressive skills with the use of merman karate, wiping out most of the opposition faced on Level 4. However, back down in Level 6, the Chief Jailor Shiryuu tries to strike a deal on the pretense of helping Magellan that will release him from his cell. It is currently unknown whether Shiryuu was released or not.

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