Right soo the episode starts off with Luffy having fought off Magellan’s poison in just 20 hours and coming back to his senses, much to the joy of Bon Clay, Iva-san and the whole of Newkama Land. However, a point that is to be noted is that Luffy’s treatment has cost him 10 years of his lifespan, meaning he’s made the miraculous recovery at a price. But since we all know how Luffy really is, he doesn’t really care so long as he gets to save Ace.

It is also revealed that Ivankov is actually an accomplice of Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, and plans to expose himself to the world once Dragon has brought forth his revolution. However, after learning that Luffy is Dragon’s son, Iva-san is overcome with joy and vows to help Luffy save Ace, even if it means revealing himself to the Marines. With that, Luffy, Iva-san and Inazuma make their way to Level 6.

Meanwhile, Magellan proceeds to Ace’s cell to escort him to the town of Marineford where his execution is to take place. Hanniyabal, who realizes that an escape attempt by any one of the prisoners would mean him being sacked, begins to take his job as Assistant Warden seriously and orders a a deathly trap to be laid for Luffy as he proceeds to Level 6.

The time remaining for Ace’s execution is 6 hours.

Those who saw the previews for the episode knew that Ivankov would reveal himself to be one of Dragon’s nakama. Like I said earlier, it seems downright ridiculous that Luffy can manage to overcome a deadly poison in just 20 hours, but then again, that’s One Piece for ya. Mister 3 and Buggy are still goofing around in Impel Down, which makes one wonder why they need to be shown in such useless cuts anyway. Granted, they are there pretty much for comic relief, but now they’re coming off as plain annoying rather than being a part of the storyline.

Next week, we get to see how Luffy escapes the traps of Level 6, and a few surprises Ace has up his sleeve ~

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