Right, since no one’s been taking a crack at One Piece for a while, I think I’ll do the honors:

So in the last episode we see Luffy fighting for his life against the deadly infection of the poison the warden sprayed him with. We were also introduced to Emporio Ivankov, the infamous drag-queen who has established Newkama Land inside the very walls of Impel Down. Through the help of his hormone-altering powers, Iva-san tried saving Luffy from dying by bolstering his immune system.

The recent episode has us seeing a few interesting things. For starters, we find out where exactly Newkama Land is situated and how they have access to the outside world while remaining completely anonymous. Furthermore, Iva-san also briefs in Bon Kurei on the mysterious Level 6, Eternal Hell, that no one outside of Impel Down knows exists. Bon Kurei is distraught over the pain his friend goes through alone and vows to share his pain to make it easier for Luffy. He does this by continuously shouting outside of Luffy’s room for hours, showing everyone in Newkama Land his determination to help Luffy to the very end. Soon, everyone in Newkama Land joins in and eggs Luffy on amidst his screams for hours on end. Finally, with mere hours left before Ace’s execution, Luffy miraculously revives, much to the shock and surprise of Iva-san, who calculated that the recovery process will take at least 3 days to end. The episode ends with Luffy eating like crazy, regaining his strength, and shouting that he is back.

Now I know One Piece isn’t always known for making sense, but this is kinda weird. It seems that Luffy was created to be a person without limits. Yes, he has taken an ass-kicking every now and then, but he’s been completely pushing the limit on things soo much that it’s sort of become a bit absurd for him to make such giant, impossible strides. But then again, it was unexpected to see him regain in such a short time, and let’s face it, isn’t that what keeps us hooked? And yet another episode has gone by with no sign of the other Straw Hat Pirates. Personally, I miss the others too and I soo want to see them make it back (which I know they will eventually). I’m just wondering what the hell is taking them soo long and why we can’t just see little glimpses of their situation ~

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