Episode 48 of Brotherhood continues the gang’s fight in the forest. Along side the chimera, Ed and Greed, Lan Fan and her grandfather Fu have joined the fight. After reiterating that the Xingese people can detect the ‘flow’ of things, Fu explains that they had followed the fight into the woods. Despite Lan Fan having only had her automail for half a year, it is not the only weapon she possesses. They fight with explosives as well and a complete arsenal of them: tear gas, flash grenades and flares. Ed quickly formulates a plan of attack and the scene takes us to Central.

Mustang has paid Madam Christmas a visit. He has come to tell her about Bradley and Selim; that they are homunculus…basically, filling her in on what we already know. Outside, the military is searching for him, having discovered that Madam Christmas is actually Mustang’s foster mother.

Back in the forest, it seems that perhaps Heinkel might have a chance to take the upper hand from Pride when two villagers show up, with lamps, to check on things. *facepalm* Way to go, guys. The light from their lanterns allows Pride to take back the fight, injuring Heinkel enough that he does not stand a chance against another attack. Fortunately, this guy is lucky enough to have Ed hanging around.

We switch back again to Central, picking up where the previous scene left off. Before the military personnel can get inside, the bar explodes. What a good way to collect insurance money, huh? Madam Christmas and Mustang manage to escape through the sewers. Down there, Mustang meets up with Hawkeye, Breda and Fury – they’re a team again, hurray! He gives them one order and one order only: don’t die. Simple enough.

Returning to the forest, we are given a glimpse into Pride’s thoughts. He wonders why Ed is able to block his attacks. It turns out that the Fullmetal Alchemist has borrowed a page from Greed. He has changed the makeup of his automail to include ‘plenty of carbon fiber’. Of course, like the cheap skate he is, Pride brings in Al to use as bait, but old man Fu is just waiting for the chance where he can use a flash grenade. The extreme amount of light makes it impossible for Pride to cast his shadow; thus, rendering the homunculus incapable of using his powers for the time being. It sucks Pride from Al’s armor as well, giving the chimera a chance to get him out of there.

Another one goes off just as Gluttony arrives, but much to his dismay, Pride has other plans. He intends to take the last of Gluttony’s lives and snaps the poor thing in half, taking his Philosopher’s stone as well. In doing this, Pride now has swallowed his ability but gained a sense of never-ending hunger as well. Pride is able to ‘smell’ everyone quite easily, sniffing out Hoenheim’s presence nearby. The credits roll and after that there is about a two minute extra scene back in Central at military headquarters.

Word has reached them about the manhunt for Mustang and his comrades. Everyone else seems to be in a frenzy aside from Father and Olivier, who suggests that, if she were him, she would go after Madam Bradley; a seemingly ‘useless act’, though befitting of a human. It looks as though Olivier had hit the head right on the target. Outside of the city, Mrs. Bradley is being taken somewhere when her car is abruptly stopped in the middle of the road, her bodyguards rendered incapacitated and captured by none other than Mustang and Hawkeye.

While I’m not a terribly huge fan of episodes that focus mainly on the fighting, this one did indeed progress the story along somewhat. Unfortunately, that did not occur until the last few minutes after the credits, but the fight is not yet over. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I can assure you.

~Posted by Dee

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