Episode 44 begins in Lior, picking up where last week’s meeting between Hoenheim and Al left off. Hoenheim is quick to run off, avoiding speaking to his son for the first time in ages, but Al is even quicker to chase after him. He offers his help, feeling partly responsible for the mess that Lior is in as a result of their confrontation with Cornello. Meanwhile, for all of you who think Winry is a hot piece of…well, you catch my drift, there is a scene with a bit of fan service where she’s taking herself a nice hot bath as she speaks to Rose about her relationship with Edward. We pick up again with Hoenheim and Al. The two have been discussing information about what information he has gathered over the course of his journey, and Hoenheim challenges his son’s trust with an all too possible implication: What if he was on the enemy’s side?

This is, fortunately, not true and thus, the episode shifts to Central where “Bido from Dublith” as he describes himself, is on a search for his friend Greed. Bido has somehow stumbled upon the collection of dolls being prepared for Father’s immortal army (has anyone else wondered why it’s so easy to get in there?)

Up North, we discover that Ed has recovered completely, but he is no longer sporting his red coat and braided hair ensemble. The military has been tipped off about their presence from the Bank’s Bank (haha) and is now hot on their trail. Fortunately, Ed’s change in clothing works well enough to confuse the officer questioning him. He and the two chimeras are able to escape, but the military is not far behind. A chase scene ensues and thanks to Ed’s quick thinking, they escape yet again at the last moment.

Back in Lior, Hoenheim has told Al that he is indeed a Philosopher’s stone, which means he is immortal. Al, curious about this, wonders if that means him and his brother are immortal as well. Hoenheim quickly assures him that they are not; that “the actual core that holds me together is myself, a human being.” We also learn a pertinent piece of information here; that the only way to beat Father is to destroy his ‘shell’, or rather, the shell which is a spitting image of himself.

The episode comes to an end with Bido finally meeting up with Greed, or rather, who he assumes to be Greed. He discovers that the homunculus now has a new shell, but he is unaware of the fact that Greed has lost his memories with it; at least, that is what they are both led to believe. When Greed does away with Bido, Ling manages to force his way into the picture and reminds Greed that he most certainly has not lost his memories. He has “cut down a family member that was connected to you by soul,” and further breaks down Greed from the inside.

After the credits, we are brought to Bradley’s estate and sorely reminded of how normal a life he lives. There’s an odd sound at the door, which opens only to reveal none other than Greed. The homunculus is quick to attack; thus, bringing us to episode 45…

This is definitely an interesting, revealing episode, but I simply cannot wait to see the fight between Greed and Bradley!

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