Gray is found beaten and unconscious by Natsu, who circled back because he couldn’t find the way back to the village. Meanwhile, Lucy is in the village with happy, trying to rally the villagers and prepare for the onslaught of Reitei’s lackies. Natsu and Gray soon arrive, caught in Lucy’s trap. This causes Natsu’s ice to break, and allow him to move freely. Soon after, the enemies appear, carrying with them some green jelly like substance that is corrosive. Using the huge Mouse Angelica, they throw a huge bucket over the entire village from above. Natsu commands everyone to gather in the center, and uses his flame attacks to disperse the jelly from the center.

Soon after the enemies land, and the battle seems to begin. While Lucy (unintentionally) goes after Angelica and the Purple haired woman, Natsu stays to battle the other two and Gray and the villagers escape. Natsu quickly makes short work of both, using his bare fists to battle against Yuka’s wave attacks, and fools the other one into using his own attacks on himself.

On another side of the Island, Lucy battles with the purple haired girl, who is able to control all things that aren’t human. As such, Lucy’s celestial spirit the Ox falls prey to that power and begins attacking Lucy. Lucy manages to remind him of their past and that he would always protect her and he goes back into the spirit world. Impressed by her own ability to improve, Lucy readies her whip, for battle. Meanwhile, [INSERT NAME]’s followers ask why he spared Gray, and he replies that Gray would not fight him in his condition.

Opinions (B+):

Talk about picking up things in the middle of it all. Fairy Tail is the other series I plan to blog, and hopefully this series fares a bit better than the last Shounen series D.Gray-Man, and is able to keep up with Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. That said… I think there are a few problems that need to be adressed, and were in this episode too.

The fights are too short for one. Natsu makes quick work of the wave user and his furry friend a bit too fast, it almost seems like a warm up, which could be very well the case. There hasn’t been much of a challenge for Natsu as of late, then again, when One Piece started, Luffy was a lot like Natsu, so it may change. The other major issue I have is the recycled animation for Natu’s moves. They’re flashey, but I hate how we basically get to see the same animation each time.

That said, this was a pretty decent episode. We got clued in to a bit Lucy’s past, and here I thought this would be a Gray centered arc. Seems like Gray’s still got a way to go, as he couldn’t defeat his senior at all. There was also a decent amount of comedy in the episode, although I find it a bit interesting that first it was Natsu was made to look like the idiot and then he was the one making his enemies seem like the idiots. It made sense, I just find it very ironic and entertaining.

Next Episode:

So quite a few things are gonna happen next episode it seems. First of all, Erza’s gonna arrive on the Island, and it seems like Happy and Lucy are the ones on the receiving end of her rage. XD

Beyond that it also seems like Natsu and Reitei are gonna start battle. I thought Gray and him would have a rematch, but it seems like Natsu is indeed going to be taking down every major baddy in every arc. He “is” the main character afterall I guess.  Still, I feel like its more natural for Gray to face off against someone from his past.

~Blogged By Setsuken

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