In a rather surprising but none the less interesting piece of news, popular eroge visual novel Utawarerumono is getting a new OVA adaption, which is set to be quite different from it’s tv series sibling.

Said Adaption will be a 3 volume OVA, and is set to be released in Spring 2009. Of course, what should really get people thinking… is the fact that some “unique changes” are in store for this version. There will be reworked character designs, and even the scenario will be modified (obviously… it’s a 3 Volume OVA, not a 24 episode series), but all of that aside, there will be “ero content” in the OVA as well. I quote the extract from our dear friends at Sankaku Complex:

“Unlike the TV anime it won’t be covering things up with steam or avoiding interesting angles; it’ll be a more mature work.”

So basically… there will be erotic stuff in there to help market the new adaption. Seems like EVERY adaption is doing it these days, from spinoffs like Gai-Rei Zero to full fledged manga adaptions like Kurogane no Linebarrels.

Now I’ll state how this clearly disturbs me. While those of you who’ve read the original Visual Novel won’t have any qualms with any mature/erotic content in this adaption, those of us who’ve solely seen the anime will no doubt feel sick to our stomachs. I was fine with how clean, noble and pure the story in Utawarerumono was, and there was no need whatsoever to add erotic content to it.

Color me skeptic about this one….

Source: Sankaku Complex

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