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Short Summary/Episode Recap:

The story picks up after the weird earth quake from the last episode. Takumi starts feeling uneasy and wants to see Rimi, but she isn’t answering her phone. He proceeds to school in hopes of meeting her but a surprise is in store for him. As he arrives at school, Ayase is about to jump off the top of the roof of the school building and commit suicide. Takumi saves her by imagining a flowerbed to break her fall. Not really beliving what happened, he runs and is chased and confronted by Sena, who accuses him of being part of the Church of Light. Takumi denies it in his usual, crying “it’s not my fault” manner and Sena is convinced. She tells him that he saved her by making his delusion into reality.

Later… Takumi arrives in class but Rimi is not there. instead, the classmates in the class start making fun of the whole suicide attempt, believing that Takumi broke up with Ayase (and that that was the reason for her fall). Takumi wants everyone to stop looking at him, as he feels he’s not worth it. A cute voice telling him otherwise enters his head, and Takumi begins to wonder if he really is going totally insane.

Later, Takumi is assaulted by a bunch of hoodlums as he is walking back home. He gets angry and wants to kill them, and a light shines underneath his hand and he grasps something before blacking out. When he comes to, the transfer student from his class is standing and helps him up, and tells him that she’s “Kozu-pii” except that she doesn’t speak….

He finds out that she can speak telepathically and the earlier voice was hers. Soon afterwards, Sena appears and turns out to be one of Kozu-pii first friends. Soon afterwards, the crowd around them is driven into a panic by a berserk excavator. Only it’s not real… as Sena and Kozu-pii transform their Di-Swords into real swords and attack three men with backpacks. The Excavtor dissapears and everyone goes back to normal.

Sena explains that herself, Takumi and Kozu-pii are all Gigalomaniacs, and that they have the power to turn Delusions into Reality. Also.. an organization known as Nozomi Technology is working to make an artificial Gigalomaniac and use it’s power for their own evil desires.

Kozu-pii asks Takumi to join them in the battle, and drags him and Sena to a photo taking booth where the three of them take a photo as the Gigalomaniac Trio.

Opinions/Rant (B+):

Okay… So before I get to the actual episode, I’m still debating on whether I should post even a short recap summary for every episode. I doubt anyone really reads it… but ehhh, I do think it’s nice to have the information on the actual episode for later “reviewing”.

Anyway… So onto the episode. This episode was pretty meaty in the context of explanation. We finally get to understand what the whole Dii-Sword thing is, And we’re introduced to the concept of Gigalomaniac and even shown the Evil organization. Everything’s pretty much set in place now, as Takumi and the rest of the girls are probably going to go against said evil organization.

This episode gave a hint of Takumi’s Di-Sword, which he probably summons and uses before blacking out. Why the HELL is the sword pink though? O_o

I was rather surprised at how cute and talkative “Kozu-pii” was. I was thinking she’d be more like Takumi, the quiet, shy type. Granted, she only talks via Telapathy, but her personality has taken a bit of a detour from the original impression I had.

It seems that Rimi seems to know more than anyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if herself and Sena have already formed an alliance, much like how Sena and Kozu-pii did.

All in all, the explanations and everything was good, but at the same time it sorta killed the whole “creepy, unknown mystery” factor that the series had going for itself. That was pretty neat, and was bordering on gore-horror. It seems that the series is focused on a more sci-fi approach though, which isn’t bad.

I’m interested to see how it goes from here. The episode itself may have lacked the power of the previous episodes due to the whole “mystery feel” going away, but it was still a nice, GOOD episode. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


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