New Mai Hime Prioject!

If the recent Mai Otome Sifr prequel series didn’t strike your fancy (or is just too darn slow in releasing the next OVAs) then there’s good news for you Mai-Hime/Otome fans!

Sunrise is working on a new project in this rather loved franchise, this time casting all new heroine “Mao” (Picture below)

I’m a big Mai Hime/Otome fan, and can’t wait for the next Sifr OVA to come out. I was thinking Sifr would be the last in the Mai Hime/Otome franchise, but I am GLAD to see that that’s not the case. I welcome the flurrying onslaught of Mai Hime projects from Franchise Milking Sunrise with open arms. Just… Sunrise, Please, keep making them GOOD. You know we love you guys XD

Oh and Why did I think a cat was the main character for this new series/whatever it’ll be. Oh right! She’s called…MAO. >_>

Picture of Mao:


Source: Moetron

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