Jasdevi fire their purple bomb on the group (Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Krory and Chaoji) which places deceiving spectacles. They can’t see Jasdevi and on top of that, they’ve sneaked the key away from Allen and the whole floor is littered with keys!

Lavi and Rero try wiping the ‘paint’ off their eyes but to no avail while Krory’s really ticked off at the duo with Allen getting depressed that he’s managed to lose the key. “A shame of a lifetime”. Lenalee tells him to take it easy and she states that regardless of all the keys that they see on the floor, they’re nothing but illusions. In the end, it was only a single key that was dropped on the floor.

Jasdevi are standing on the other side of the room and listening in to the conversation and they state that Lenalee is right. The real key is lying right in front of them however, the group will be unable to find the key and that room will be their grave. As long as they are wearing the deceiving spectacles, they wont be able to see Jasdevi. They load their guns and Krory’s seemingly hears the click of their guns. The group barely manged to dodge out of an attack with Chaoji getting a really bad burn on his left shoulder.

Allen clearly gets agitated and turns around, ready to stand his ground and attack the duo. He uses his Crown Edge attack, stating that the duo must be in the room with them and he’ll force them out with his attacks. But he misses them completely and ends up being shot at with a Green Bomb. The Green Bomb encases him in a green, shimmering gel like substance in which he can’t breath. Lavi runs over to rescue him and uses a Fire Seal to burn the gel away. (Yeah….with Allen inside that green gel. Anyone else thinking thats a fire hazard?)

Chaoji gets his wounds wrapped up by Lenalee, stating that even though they can see the attacks, they cant tell where they are coming from. Lenalee asks what they could do but notices that Krory seems to be up to something. Krory merely quietly asks her to be quiet, clearly he can hear something or is trying to hear something that the others cant.

Lavi quietly states to Allen that he may have a way around the deceiving spectacles and asks Allen to protect the others until the real key is found. Confused Allen asks how Lavi is going to find the key. Lavi merely smirks and states cryptically, hes going to do what he does best. (Oooh the innuendos with that line….) It turns out that Lavi has a photogenic memory – if he’s seen something even once, it’ll be in his head. Revived, Allen states that he’ll give Lavi a minute to find the key! To which Lavi states “Thats impossible!”

Allen’s plan is simple: Lenalee and Chaoji are going to head for the next exit and Allen’s going to dump Krory at the next door as well. He jumps up to attack the twins and gets hit right in the face with the Blue Bomb. Allen wants Lavi to find the key and gets rescued by an irrate Krory, who had overheard Allen’s comment about dumping him at the next door. Sheepishly Allen comments “Ah…so you heard that?” Completely ticked off, Krory states that be it the ‘red haired kid’ or the twins, they are nothing but mischievous kids. And while stating that he grabs (a very confused) Allen’s arm and throws him at the far wall!

Totally zonked out at the impact Allen states that Krory really didn’t have to get that angry. But he’s jolted out of his daze when he hears the twin’s cries of pain. Their voices seem to be coming from around where Krory had thrown Allen. Allen looks around, trying to figure out where the voices are coming from but ducks when Krory calls out to him. Krory punches a mere few feet above (a very shocked) Allen’s head! But apparently the twins managed to dodge his attack. Krory wonders if maybe he should have thrown Allen harder at the twins…

Shocked Allen asks Krory if he’s able to see the mischievous twins but Krory replies that he can’t and gives a big grin. Somehow he is able to sense the twin’s presence and really wants to take a bite of them to ‘appease the boiling blood’ in him. Allen states in a matter of fact manner that that doesnt sound like something a human being would say.

Suddenly Krory opens the palm of his hand and we see several strands of blonde hair. He managed to rip out some of Jasdero’s hair! With another wide grin Krory tells a shocked Allen to follow his plan because he is going to ‘bash up those kids’. Jasdevi are on the other side of the room, with Dero crying because his hair got messed up. Devit realises that somehow Krory is able to sense where they are and tells Dero “lets get on with it”. But Jasdero is still crying on his hair and Devit says (telepathically I would reckon because their lips dont move) that he’ll buy him a new one and ‘lets wreck havoc’. Suddenly Krory comes up from the back and attacks!

The twins just manage to dodge and jump to the air to avoid Krory and they attack back. But Krory managed to hang on to a bookshelf and starts running horizontally along the bookshelves to the shock and surprise of the twins! Taking a sharp turn, now facing downwards, Krory yells to Allen that Jasdevi are straight in front of him. As the twins turn around, they get slammed against the bookshelf by Allen.

Allen’s amazed (and a bit weirded out) that although he can’t see anything, he can clearly feel something underneath his fingers. Suddenly the thought comes to him as to why the twins arn’t yelling. Krory wonders the same thing out loud, asking Jasdevi why they are so quiet.

On his side, Lavi uses his Wood Seal and calls up Wind. He uses the strong winds to sweep all the keys up from off the floor and around him in the middle of the floor (on the top of the pillar like structure). So he’s in the middle of a swirling mass of keys in the middle of the room, trying to figure out which one is the real key. (with his left eye lightly glowing a soft blue color).

Down with Allen, Devit speaks “Hes with the Bookman clan, No wonder. He’s with your side now?” Allen gets confused at the last statement, but he doesnt get long to ponder on those words as Jasdero pipes up that he’s reminded of cross whenever he sees red hair. Devit gets ticked off and Jasdero whines that his ‘pure and innocent heart has been tainted with hatred by that Cross’. Devit continues that his disciple refuses to pay his debts as well! Now Jasdero gets mad as well and yells for Allen to pay for his Master’s debts which gets a rise out of Allen who yells back ‘Who are you telling to pay back the debt?!”

Again Krory gets surrounded by a fiery aura and states that he’ll can get rid of them quickly (his knuckles cracking ominously). Suddenly, Allen ‘s hands are gripped by a slimey hands and a creature that seemingly appeared out of the bookcase where he was holding the twins. The creature makes a dive towards Krory as well and he is captured as well. Jasdevi yell at the creature to devor both Exorcists and it does so, to the utter disbelief of Krory and Allen.

Lenalee runs towards them, crying out Allen’s name but he cries out for her to stay away. Halfway to them, Lenalee’s legs gave out beneath her. Frustrated at her inability to move her legs she yells at her legs to get up but she ends up getting captured by Jasdevi who state that she’s just what they need – a hostage that can’t move and can be used as a sheild. Happily they state that they’ve gotten the Princess.

Allen hears this, along with the sound of a gun shot. He bursts out of the creature and angrily tells Jasdevi to let go of Lenalee. Amused Devit noticed that that seems to have pissed Allen off and tells him to bring it on. Stuck inside a semi-transparent bubble Lenalee watches helplessly as Allen attacks and misses. The twins state that they’ll give Allen a much better present and cock their guns towards him and fire. The Earl suddenly appears out of the smoke!

Allen blocks The Earl’s attack and wonders what the hell is going on because he just can’t understand it all! Rero chuckles inwardly and states that its not the real Earl, rather its merely an illusion by Jasdevi. The power of the twins is to materialize things – if both of them think of the same thing, then it will come into existence.

Lenalee is watching from her bubble like prison and angrily states for the twins to let her out. Jasdero states that she’s scary but Devit yells for her to shut up and that their goal is to defeat Allen Walker and thus, she should just shut up and let them make use of her. He sticks his tongue out at her and flips her off. Lenalee angrily punches him right in the face, through the bubble and with barely restrained anger states that the twins are like two kids playing around with people’s lives. Even though they all appear to be the same age, those two keep playing their childish games. Allen is more stronger than both of them because he understands the value of human life, something that the twins don’t.

Allen asks the Earl to step out of his path but gets no response. He fires off a Cross Grave at point blank range but the Earl doesnt even have a scratch on him, to Allen utter confusion. Krory suddenly steps in, and angrily attacks the Earl as well, followed by Allen. But again, they are tossed aside like a pair of rag dolls. Trying to catch his breath, Allen states that he just can’t get the attacks and Krory states that they just can’t be defeated by the twins. Rero happily rubs it in that they’ll die terrible deaths if they dropped their guard thinking that it isn’t the real Earl, which more or less confirms Krory and Allen’s suspicions – it wasn’t the real Earl after all.

Suddenly the illusion goes on the offensive and attacks the pair. On the side, Devit slaps Lenalee on the face and coldly tells her to never talk to them like that ever again. He taunts her, how in the world is Allen stronger than them when he can’t even beat the illusion of The Earl? Rather, he’s getting his ass kicked by it.

Crashing into the bookcases yet again, Krory angrily asks Allen what the hell is he doing? He’s supposed to hurry and help Lenalee. Tiredly Allen asks Krory to please get rid of the Earl to which Krory replies in the same tone that he’s already trying his best. They both manage to stand back up, Krory stating that they have to do it, no matter what.

Quietly Lenalee states that he’ll definitely come. Although the Noah posses supernatural powers and he can’t see them, he’ll definitely defeat kids like them. A sudden light shines out from the pillar in the middle of the room and the deceiving spectacles fade away from everyone’s eyes. Allen realizes that Lavi has managed to find the real key! One side of the pillar opens into a black void, it seems to be the next door. Their illusion finished, Jasdevi get punched out by Krory and Allen. Krory asks why Allen didn’t use his left hand. Allen snaps that he can’t make a fist with his claws. And then they both state that they’re feeling better now after punching the twins.

Krory admits that while dealing with pranks is a bit tough, these kids are easy to deal with. While Allen tries to figure out a way to get Lenalee out, she states that shes sorry for getting caught so easily. Out of the corner of her eye she suddenly notices that Jasdevi are starting to rise from where they had fallen.

Quietly, ominously they state that the games are over now because they have gotten mad. Its time to get serious and to end this all. The walls around them start to pulse and shift, the air becoming more dense. Krory tells Allen to get Lenalee out and laments that they weren’t able to grasp the true power of the twins. One minute ago they were joking and now they get pissed off. He never did like dealing with naughty kids.

Jasdero and Devit sing a short song which ends with both of them pointing a gun at each other’s head and they pull the trigger. Allen is shocked that they opened fire on each other but Lenalee notices that their shadows seem to be merging together into a dark puddle on the floor! Their bodies break down into dust, flying around the room and cutting visibility down to near zero. Allen tells Krory to be careful but he merely states that he’s looking forward to the next prank the twins will pull. Lavi suddenly notices that there is something above Allen, Krory and Lenalee and yells at them to look up.

A pair of red eyes slowly open and Krory is thrown against the far wall by an unseen force. Lavi, Allen and Lenalee stare at where Krory gets thrown, shocked at what they just witnessed. They turn to where the twin’s voice is coming from and a new Noah is revealed, Jasdevi who is ‘the bond’ (Skin being hatred, Tyki being pleasure and Road being the dream).

Lavi asks the Noah, Who are you? In the voice of Jasdero and Devit, the Noah replies that it is a combination of the twins – Jasdevi.

Overall: B+

Not a bad episode all in all. I had been wondering when that point about Lavi’s photographic memory would come into play. I rather enjoyed the humor bits of this episode. But Krory’s behavior and attitude has become more darker and more harsh (for a lack of a better word) and I’m starting to miss that lovable klutz from the beginning of the series. And man o man, i’m started to get real tired of seeing Lenalee not do anything. She still can’t activate her Innocence, whats up with that? I wanna see her in the same way she beat the Third Level Akuma! (Cause that was her at her best!)

And what was up with that weird song/hymn that the twins sung just before their transformation? Something about a cradle in a cradle and one of them getting lost in the fog? Allow me to say…. huh?

Next weeks episode is going to be good! Krory’s going on the offensive and puts his life on the line just as the rooms about to collapse! I hope he makes it through….I don’t him to die as well! Kanda was bad enough! Next week – “Jasdevi, Enter”

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