Vampire Knight picks up from last week’s cliffhanger. Zero’s true nature has been revealed. He’s a vampire, and one with quite the bloodlust. Having detected the scent of Yuki’s blood, Kaname abondons his discussion with Chairman cross and rushes to Yuki’s side.

A disoriented Yuki, still weak from the bite from Zero, remembers the last time Kaname came in between her and a vampire. Afraid for Zero, she rushes in between the two, only to collapse from lack of blood. Kaname blames Zero for Yuki’s condition, telling that because he could not control his blood lust, Yuki is in her current state; Not even being able to stand upright. Finishing his angry statements, Kaname asks Zero if Yuki’s blood was really that delicious, shocking Zero beyond words.

As Kaname leaves, Chairman Cross quietly watches, and when called apon by Kaname, he simply replies with an “I know”.

Later in the Infirmary, Yuki’s bleeding has stopped and she’s conscious again. Kaname remarks that although the bleeding has stopped the wound is pretty deep. He states that “he” (Zero) must’ve bitten her with all his strength. He proceeds to ask the tear stricken Yuki if it hurts.

As if awaking from a trance, Yuki says: “Oh?”

Kaname proceeds to ask her if she’s afraid of Vampires. She denies any such fears, and the conversation is interrupted by the entrance of Cross (The Chairman). He asks that Kaname go back to the night class, and control the other vampires, who seem to have been excited by the smell of blood.

Elsewhere, Idou (one of the Nightclass vampires) comments on how there was a scent of blood a while ago, and how nobody told them anything. His companion seems least interested, but Idou goes on to state that the scent was that of Yuki’s blood.

That night, and the following day, Yuki continues to brood over Zero and what happened. She then walks by the Principal’s office, only to hear Kaname ask that Zero be shifted to the Nightclass. Apon hearing this, Yuki runs away and heads to class. Several hours later, she just can’t take it anymore!

Yuki rushes to the Nightclass dorm. Inside, Idou is busy fending off two men who are requesting that he help them investigate the organization. Not interested in the least, he tells them that he would rather not work in the day. As Yuki enters the dorm, he quickly pushes them out and goes to her.

He asks Yuki if she’s, by chance here to let him drink her blood. Yuki of course, tells him that she’s here to see Kaname-Senpai (Senpai = Senior). Suddenly, Idou’s playful tone changes, and he becomes serious. He starts leading her up the stairs. Suprised at how cooperative he is, She asks him if he IS taking her there.

He remarks that “Kaname-Sama” (Sama = Respected one) is the only one who treats her nicely, and the rest of the dorm just follows suit because they have to. He then comments on how he smelled her blood last night, and says that because Kaname told them to forget about everything, they didn’t push it further.

At this Yuki blushes and smiles. Kaname may have been against Zero, but he kept what happened a secret and this really makes Yuki appreciate Kaname more than ever. At her expression, Idou gets extremely angry. The Candles in the dorm begin blowing out, one by one.

Idou says that “That’s enough, It’s irritating”. He asks Yuki what she is To Kaname, while freezing the stair railing at the same time. The ice goes all the way to Yuki’s foot, trapping her. He jumps down, and stands right infront of her. He asks the question again, in a slightly more playful tone.

Yuki explains that Kaname is a person that she is indebted to because he saved her life from a Vampire 10 years ago. Idou goes on to say that, if that is how it is, then Yuki should offer every bit of her blood to Kaname. He says that she shouldn’t let ANYONE but Kaname have her blood, not even him. She slaps his hand away, and tells him to stop deciding by herself. He freezes her arm, and asks if she’s embarassed.
Yuki gets angry, and tells him that it’s enough. About to slap him, Yuki is suddenly interrupted by Kaname, who grabs her hand before she can strike. He tells her to stop it. Yuki is surprised by Kaname’s sudden appearance and her cheeks go red again. Kaname proceeds to slap Idou, sending him flying.

Idou very respectfully apologizes, and Kaname tells him to get lost. Kaname turns to Yuki and says that this must’ve been a very unpleasant experience for her and apologizes. Yuki flusters, and doesn’t really know what to say. She says: “Erm…Yes…no..Erm..”

Kaname proceeds to caress Yuki’s cheek with his hand. He says that it’s okay, and that Yuki should be herself. He says that it would be enough if Yuki just remains warm.

Blushing a beat red, Yuki wonders why the person she’s looking at seems so lonely. Removing his hand, Kaname then tells her that it’s time for her to go back and that classes haven’t really ended. He also instructs her on never coming alone here. He says that may it be anyone, even Kiryuu-kun (Zero, Zero’s last name is Kiryuu) she should have someone alongside her when she comes to a dangerous place like this.

Kaname remarks that since Zero has taken a lot from her, he should atleast be making up for it. Yuki, tells him to stop it and asks why he’s talking like that. He responds by pushing her colar aside and looking at the bite marks on her neck. He responds that he can’t be sure everything will be fine, since the girl he deemed most important was bitten by another.

Yuki then says that she actually came here to see him, and that she wanted to ask that he not move Zero into the night class. Kaname apologizes and states that even though it’s a request from Yuki, he can’t really accept it. He states that any human that is turned into a Vampire regresses into a Type E. Yuki is shocked at this, and runs away from the dorm.

Yuki, while thinking about what happened, comes to the conclusion that Zero has been hating himself these past 4 years. She runs to his room, only to find him about to shoot himself. Seeing Yuki, Zero throws her onto the bed and hands her the gun, asking her to shoot him. She refuses, and Zero says that she shouldn’t bother with him anymore, and along with a bag of his, heads out.

As he is leaving for the gate, Yuki comes and hugs him from behind. She tells him it’s alright… that it’ll be fine. Zero remembers a familiar scene from 4 years ago, when he had just been brought to Cross and Yuki. Zero is touched, and can say nothing other than “Yuki…”

The scene shifts, and Chairman Cross is seen meeting with the leader of the Clan of Vampire hunters. He is told that someone has been dispatched, and that if that someone sees even a spec of trouble, he will not hesitate to clean up the mess.

The scene returns back to Yuki and Zero, and we see that Kaname is watching them from his dorm window. The episode, ends.

Opinions/Rant: (B+)

Pretty nice, story driven episode. It’s been a while since I blogged, and I can say that blogging this show is a challenge. Since it’s based on a shoujo manga, it’s very dialogue heavy, hence the uber long summary above.

Generally, Vampire Knight keeps getting darker and darker. Kaname’s true intention is yet to be known, but from what I can see, it’s a basic love triangle between him, Yuki and Zero. I can’t say I prefer Kaname to Zero, and Zero is definitely a lot cooler.

The theory that Kaname may turn Yuki into a vampire is totally “thrown out of the window” in this episode. Zero regressing to a Level E brings a rather sad state of dread. Overall, the series is getting more intense and interesting. What happens from here on, with the Vampire hunter in the school, along with the obvious jealousy that Kaname will have for Zero, is what I’m interested in seeing.

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