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Wolverine 05-08

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Wow. These four episodes had enough action packed in em to go up against a Jean Claude Van Dam movie! Like, holy smokes seriously. This series feels way more American cause of all this action. Its like '... Continue Reading

Wolverine 3 & 4

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Whoa, so much action Batman! 8D I'm digging this way more than Ironman now. I mean, if i compare the two this is like...Terminator 2 while Ironman was..well..Ironman. A few awesomely kool big bangs but T... Continue Reading

Wolverine 02

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Fast paced and gripping, this weeks episode rocked so hard. A small part of me had wondered if maybe..Continue Reading Continue Reading

Wolverine 01 [First Look]

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Just like Ironman in some ways. Neat to look at for the most part but something was lacking in the story that Continue Reading Continue Reading