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Tearmoon Empire Review

It’s just satisfying to have a series arrive in a season and surprise you in a positive way. And it only took one episode of (here we go) Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari: Dantoudai kara Hajimaru, Hime no T... Continue Reading

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Tearmoon Empire – 12 [Final]

It’s a bittersweet feeling when a show you really enjoyed ends. There is that positive feeling about the ending really delivering. But it’s also a bit sad to say goodbye. I’ve had nothing but great... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 11

Whew, things got as close to disaster as they have for Mia beyond her doomed timeline. It wouldn’t matter who was killed. Once Abel or Sion went down there’d simply be no way to avoid a worst case sc... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 10

There remain some mysteries, but this episode was huge for getting a spotlight on the conspiracies behind all this. Depending on how much can be read into this might answer almost everything.... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 09

The start of this episode really shows off the best qualities of Tearmoon. There’s a nice balance in this show between the comedy and the emotional hits that keep on coming. This week was particularly ... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 08

Victory for Mia! Honestly it feels good to celebrate her having finally toppled the guillotine! Obviously, she’s not truly out of the woods yet. The show isn’t over, and the source material has a lot... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 07

This episode did catch me off-guard. I honestly didn’t think we’d suddenly run into the very person that murdered Mia! I just figured the executioner would be some random soldier. But I guess it woul... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 06

Every episode leaves me satisfied that I decided to talk about this show each week. The sword tournament took center stage this week and managed to get all the way to a solid conclusion. It ended in a wa... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 05

This episode was much more focused on the enjoyable present than the difficult memories that Mia has been dealing with. The relationship between her and Abel was front and center with Mia picking up a fe... Continue Reading

Tearmoon Empire – 04

Another episode from this show that I sincerely enjoyed. There was some nice focus split between the ball and the kidnapping incident. Both sides of that evening helped move the story forward and honestl... Continue Reading