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Current Series

Sword Art Online II – 24 [Final]

Well this episode and series ended in a way I expected it too. It was sad and yet at the same time I left feeling satisfied in a way. Yuuki did pass away which was sad, but at the same time that was abou... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 23

Now that was a solid episode. For me it didn’t quite have the same emotional impact (mostly since I just don’t like Asuna’s mother), but it still had that. The fact that I was as touche... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 22

This episode, just wow…trying to write this right after watching the episode might be a bad idea. But this episode definitely delivered some heavy moments to it and I say well done. It really might... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 21

So this episode had the expected big boss battle, but it was the aftermath that was definitely the most interesting aspect of it all. You can certainly speculate what is up with Yuuki and that guild in g... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 20

This was a good episode to move things forward and get Asuna involved with the Sleeping Knights. This kind of situation though does make me glad they are in ALO and not the death game situation of the fi... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 19

Now this is what I call an SAO episode XD. This was definitely one of the best fights of the series (not the best in my book, but up there) and certainly the best Asuna focused episode we’ve had in... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 18

They have officially built up the hype for Zekken here. Any time that you say the Kirito can’t win there is something over the top about that person. Somehow I think Asuna should win that fight or ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 17

Once again I’ll just say this was a really nice episode for SAO. I almost think the show could be plenty successful just following this group going around doing quests. This was another strong epis... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 16

This was a fun episode that focused pretty well on the action, but also setting up the stakes. Normally it might not mean that much whether this quest succeeds or fails, but they certainly made it import... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 15

I have to say this was a really enjoyable episode of SAO. It was nice to just have this group together and seeing them interact. The last arc had good moments, but this was the first time really period t... Continue Reading