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Current Series

Sword Art Online II – 22

This episode, just wow…trying to write this right after watching the episode might be a bad idea. But this episode definitely delivered some heavy moments to it and I say well done. It really might... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 16

This was a fun episode that focused pretty well on the action, but also setting up the stakes. Normally it might not mean that much whether this quest succeeds or fails, but they certainly made it import... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 11

It is kind of amazing how long the focus has remained on this small desert cave XD. The big positive of the episode is that it ended with Kirito actually leaving it so we can expect things to actually ge... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 05

If there was an episode that said “SAO is back” it was this one. This was very much a familiar kind of episode with Kirito just getting a chance to cut loose and really take part in this GGO ... Continue Reading