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Current Series

Sword Art Online 23

Well this episode did a solid job resolving some of the issues of last time. It resolved them about as much as can be expected based on long existing issues and broken hearts. In some ways they just kind... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 21

Well we had just about everything from a non-battle episode. Story moving ahead for Asuna and the Kirito/Leafa duo. It was good to see Asuna getting around and taking action in this episode. Of course in... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 16

Ah, the relief of finally being back in the game world. One episode of RL was more than enough for this series XD. But really, it’s good to have Kirito back in the game and on a mission. He’s got to ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 14

This was one of those episodes that leaves you a bit dumbstruck afterwards. A lot of shocking revelations, one after another just leaves you a bit lost for words. I can honestly say I did not see any of ... Continue Reading