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Current Series

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 12 [Final]

Well that wasn't great, now was it? I mean... It wasn't terrible, just horribly mediocre, and considering the production values and jaw dropping animation in the finale alone, that's a bit of a tragedy i... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 11

I'll give Kotetsujo no Kabaneri props, its going in a direction that I didn't quite expect it to, for its big finale. And really, that is more than myself or some of the show's more skeptic fans could've... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 10

Well that was certainly.... Unexpected. I had mentioned last week that the route that Kotetsujo no Kabaneri seemed to be taking was, at its worst, generic and at its best, predictable. I was hoping, desp... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 09

The gears grind a bit, as they finally lock into place, and the clock chimes, the fated time now dawning. Forgive that little bit of hyperbole, but what I meant to illustrate is that Kotetsujo no Kabaner... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 08

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri's lack of ambition when it comes to storytelling and characterization generally works in its favor. Generally. There are times, however, such as this week's episode, where that does... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 07

If this were any other show, then this week's episode would've been the fanservice episode. Thankfully, Kotetsujo no Kabaneri manages to give its characters a brief respite from the horrors they endure o... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 06

This week features yet another action packed episode from Kotetsujo no Kabaneri, one that goes about how you'd expect on all its other fronts. There have been a lot of descriptions thrown around about th... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 05

You can definitely say this about Kotetsujo no Kabaneri, while it may rely on the tried and true, it isn't afraid to break convention in order to keep things interesting. After the first month of airtime... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 04

And so our merry band of survivors finally join together, putting aside their differences and forming a cohesive team. Its the classic scenario, one that we've seen time and time again play out over nume... Continue Reading