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Current Series

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – 01 [First Look]

If there is anything comfortable in terms of anime it is having another Natsume season to enjoy. This series is remarkably consistent and this episode felt like one that would fit in with a previous seas... Continue Reading

Granblue Fantasy The Animation – 01 [First Look]

This may technically be a show that debuted months ago…but it is a Spring Season anime so covering the first episode now is ok. In the end this was still a really solid first episode. This is another a... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S2 – 01 [First Look]

Well the Spring Season has arrived whether or not we’re ready for it. Boku no Hero certainly has wasted no time getting out the door and allowing us to get back in with Izuku and company. It is good to... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Spring 2017 Preview

In some ways the past Winter Season worked out as I expected it to. It wasn’t a mindblowing season, but rather a bit mild with some rather strong shows mixed into it. It was more of the standard Winter... Continue Reading