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Current Series

The World Is Still Beautiful 07-08

The trip through the lovable world of The World is Still Beautiful and journey of its royal couple Nike and Livi continues in these two episodes. Just as Nike had to contend with a lack of confidence in ... Continue Reading

The World is Still Beautiful – 06

Oh yeah, this show is definitely a shoujo show, and its episodes like this that give its genre definition. With some more serious issues out the way, such as dealing with the state and what not, it was g... Continue Reading

The World is Still Beautiful – 05

One of the greatest features of the Anime Industry is how much of a variety of shows there are. Shows that fit varying tastes, genres and moods. If there was one specific way I'd like to describe The Wor... Continue Reading

The World is Still Beautiful – 04

Another week, another episode, and The World is Still Beautiful brings the charm, heartfelt moments, comedy in full force, with an added dose of danger and adventure. To say the episode this week was mor... Continue Reading

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 01-02 [First Look]

Few will disagree that the current Spring season is kicking the last season's proverbial rear end. In a flurry of amazing shows that feature interesting concepts, engaging characters and sweet sweet visu... Continue Reading