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Current Series

Show by Rock!! – 04

Episode four was definitely a transition sort, and once again so many things are thrown at the viewers that it is hard to know where to begin! No doubt part of the reason is simply that the story of the ... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 03

Who would have thought this series would have had some of the largest "infodumps" per episode out of all the series I have been watching thus far? Which is fine, of course, but blogging each episode can ... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 02

Well, after watching the second episode of Show by Rock!! and mulling on it a bit I have decided that I will pick up this series this season and blog it. Before it aired and I was reading through the pre... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 01 (First look)

Of all the series that aired this season the one that confused me the most without a doubt would be Show by Rock!! - one of two offerings by Bones studio this season (with the other being Kekkai Sensen).... Continue Reading