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Current Series

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 13 [Final]

I’ll admit that my expectations for the conflict with Ruti did not align with reality. But the good thing is that this episode could spent plenty of time dealing with aftermath. There is a lot to unpac... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 12

This is definitely an episode that doesn’t match the name of the series. There wasn’t much slow living to be seen here! This is what the show has been building up to though. A major focus on what pat... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 09

I’ve got to say it was satisfying having Ruti finally get to see her brother again. She hasn’t interacted with him outside of flashbacks during the entire show to this point. There is no guarantee th... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 07

I think the slow life in the countryside part of this has certainly passed. Red might think he’s gotten out of the big battle for the world, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. I mean there’s a major... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 06

This is another week with a great contrast between the two stories being told here. The (mostly) upbeat story of Red and Rit dominates much of the screentime. But we still get the fairly tragic story of ... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 05

I know this episode was mostly about Rit and Red’s relationship and that’s great. But holy smokes, nothing can compare to how this episode ended! On no level did I expect to see Ruti punch a hole thr... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party – 04

This episode might have been the simplest of the show so far. It really was just about helping out a small sauna. Even in a fantasy show you can’t escape the overwhelming might of big business I suppos... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Fall 2021 Preview

Time keeps moving along and another fresh season of anime is ahead of us. Summer has been an interesting ride in how I’ve whittled down the shows I’ve been watching to a handful. It hasn’t been a p... Continue Reading