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Current Series

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 11

This episode was everything I could have asked for. The finale for this second season is building up to be something truly spectacular. There are quite a few great shows this winter season, but this one ... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 10

The last few episodes of this season are going to be extremely good. This episode gave me total confidence in that. It isn’t accurate to say the show is building up to a big finale since we’re alread... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 06

This was definitely a breather the show needed after a couple intense episodes. Not to say this wasn’t a fun and enjoyable episode though. We still got a pretty awesome fight against slime-controlled a... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 04

This episode made me feel sympathy for anyone missing out on this series. Absolutely a fantastic episode that was a lot of fun to watch! There is no question that this episode had the best and most ambit... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 02

This sequel just isn’t going to disappoint. The first episode was a truly fun experience and a nice way to reconnect with the main cast. Now the second episode basically let the main plot resume after ... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 01 [First Look]

I am happy to have this show back. Some sequels just hit the ground running and make the viewer happy to be invested in that world again. This is one of those episodes. The bigger mysteries of that world... Continue Reading