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Current Series

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 09

Holy smokes! There’s a lot of words that come to mind to describe this episode. Most of them combining with the desire to wave my hands around to express how utterly crazy this was. This season has bee... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 07

This episode was a combination of pure fun and clear setting up for what is coming. The points of incoming drama and potential tragedy are pretty well defined here. While the show has pushed Pecorine and... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 06

This was definitely a breather the show needed after a couple intense episodes. Not to say this wasn’t a fun and enjoyable episode though. We still got a pretty awesome fight against slime-controlled a... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 05

If the previous episode was a visual spectacle with great action than this week responded with an episode absolutely packed with world building. There is a ton to unpack in this episode and yet it only f... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive S2 – 02

This sequel just isn’t going to disappoint. The first episode was a truly fun experience and a nice way to reconnect with the main cast. Now the second episode basically let the main plot resume after ... Continue Reading

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Review

Sometimes you need something fun and a bit silly in your life. Princess Connect! Re:Dive more than delivered on that front. Considering this was an adaptation of a mobile game that itself was a sequel to... Continue Reading

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