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Current Series

Initial Glances at Cinderella Girls, The Rolling Girls and Koufuku Graffiti

Well, as announced in the Pre-Winter 2014-5 post there are three series I am thinking about possibly blogging for the season: Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, Koufuku Graffiti and The Rolling Girls. Now that... Continue Reading

Fall 2011 Anime Rundown

The new season looks to be very exciting! With anticipated projects like Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown starting up, and a ton of sequels for hit series like Working!!, Shakugan No Shana and Sekaiichi no Hat... Continue Reading

Blood C [First Impressions]

Blood C is the third series in the Blood franchise. A collaboration project between Production IG and Clamp, Blood C looked to be the most definitive verson of the franchise yet. With Clamp handling the ... Continue Reading

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Kamisama Dolls [First Impressions]

Kamisama Dolls is this season's odd series that's actually pretty good. Featuring a likeable hero with a dark past, some secret village ritual and Mech like robots that act as familiars for the character... Continue Reading

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The World God Only Knows 01 [First Look]

Amazing... simply amazing. Another great anime series that has successfully... Continue Reading<... Continue Reading

Fall Anime 2010 Preview

With the summer shows just about wrapping up, its time to start looking forward to the Fall Season shows that are right around the corner. There’s some pretty epic and sweet stuff happening this co... Continue Reading

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Ookami-san 01 [First Look]

I found myself falling in love with show cause of the cracky narrator (with whom I shared three lines on three separate occasions! Thats never happened before XD), the lovable good ball of a hero and the... Continue Reading