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Current Series

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 12

They made it through this crisis somehow. Lawrence especially took his hits and had the worst time out of anyone this arc. Nora was in danger and Holo had to face down a giant wolf, but he was the one th... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 11

Things are just never easy. Lawrence and Holo had a good plan here, but some elements were thrown into the mix that leave them in bad situations. I would say Lawrence’s situation is far more dire since... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 06

Lawrence and Holo got through a difficult trial this time around. Things got a bit too close for comfort and could have gone much worse than this. Honestly the episode was over before I knew it. They mos... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 05

I love when Spice and Wolf starts building up to the conclusion of an arc. Can just feel the excitement with Lawrence struggling to get Holo back and the drama that commenced once she was recovered. The ... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 03

The show just keeps moving steadily along. We’re starting to get a picture of what is going on with the coin speculation while the relationship between Holo and Lawrence continues to build up. The epis... Continue Reading

New Spice and Wolf Anime Project Announced

Unexpected news dropped that Spice and Wolf would be getting a new animated project. The announcement dropped on Twitter and the Dengeki Bunko Youtube channel. There were few details about the project be... Continue Reading