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No Game No Life Review

There really are some shows that you go into not expecting a lot, that still end up surprising you. Sometimes you just don't need to tell the greatest story ever or full of mind games that leave you spen... Continue Reading

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No Game No Life – 12 [Final]

No surprise that No Game No Life finished off on a strong note. The series has been pretty reliable and consistent the whole way through and this episode was another good one. As expected it mostly handl... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 11

If this series has been anything, it’s been fun. This episode was pretty much no exception to that. Just a full blown game that was enjoyable from start to finish. I expect like with the chess matc... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 10

Well that’s a hilarious ending to the episode that I didn’t see coming. Though it certainly raises an insane number of questions. Really how did the warbeasts gain knowledge of Earth? Particu... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 08

Really I’m not even sure how you respond to this episode after seeing that ED and aftermath moment. I mean wow it’s been a while since I saw a changed OP or ED have such impact. It was legiti... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 07

I have to say this was a good episode for the sake of development even if no games were actually played this time around. Got a lot of information about Steph’s grandfather, but also about Sora and... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 06

Kind of funny that despite the tragedy of Steph continuing this was a really good episode. This time the game only took an episode, but it was pretty entertaining from start to finish. The comedy was as ... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 05

This is just one of those episodes where you need to accept that not every week will be outstanding. Not that it was a bad episode outright, just that some aspects of it dragged on a little bit. The bull... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 04

This was an excellent follow-up to last week’s episode. The battle reached its conclusion in pretty hilarious fashion leading up to Blank finally taking the throne. Really the episode just varied b... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 03

It’s awesome episodes like this that make me glad to be blogging about anime. Honestly this was just a purely fun episode and easily the best of the three this show has had. It had solid tactics be... Continue Reading