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Current Series

No Game No Life – 09

Have to say I’m really happy to see the old ED once again. If there are no more terrifying ED’s in our future I’ll be ok with that. I don’t think the episode was as epic as the la... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 04

This was an excellent follow-up to last week’s episode. The battle reached its conclusion in pretty hilarious fashion leading up to Blank finally taking the throne. Really the episode just varied b... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 02

While only 2 episodes in I have to say that Sora and Shiro are two of the more interesting anime siblings I’ve seen in a while. In a time where we’re pretty much getting overwhelmed with a lo... Continue Reading

No Game No Life – 01 [First Look]

There have just been some series coming out of the Spring Season that impressed me from the start and this is one of them. Certainly a kind of premise I’ve seen before and reminded me of Mondaijita... Continue Reading