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Current Series

Yes! Precure 5, Maho Girls Precure! Sequel Anime Announced

On March 13th it was announced through the Official Precure Website that Yes! Precure 5 and Mahou Tsukai PreCure would be receiving anime sequels. With Power of Hope ~Grown-Up Precure 23~ (the sequel to ... Continue Reading

Mahou tsukai PreCure Review

It was already a little less than one year ago that I watched the first episodes of Mahou tsukai PreCure and was absolutely delighted. To be honest I had already been rather predisposed towards some aspe... Continue Reading

Mahou tsukai PreCure – 01-02 [First Look]

In the overall summation of anime genres there are a few easily identifiable ones that are “decidedly Japanese” – two examples come to mind immediately, that of “Mecha” (per... Continue Reading