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Current Series

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 12

I’m really glad this ride isn’t over yet. This final camping trip of the season has been a great little arc for the show and it should wrap up nicely next week. This time around we got to see the cas... Continue Reading

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 11

This episode really let the camping trip truly begin and that was a lot of fun to see. Although they did spend much of the day traveling around and only got the campsite set up near the end. But they did... Continue Reading

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 10

It was nice having the full cast together for a trip like this. They have all been doing their own thing throughout the season and that works fine. You can only do so much when a large group of character... Continue Reading

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 07

And so Nadeshiko’s solo camping adventure has begun! Really, it was a pretty nice episode both in building up to her camping trip and actually covering the trip itself. I’m pretty proud of Nadeshiko ... Continue Reading

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 02

There’s nothing quite like the relaxing nature of watching Rin on a solo camping trip. Some good silly moments as well, but she’s often trying to restrain herself. She totally wants to yell out her h... Continue Reading

Yuru Camp△ S2 – 01 [First Look]

Welcome back Yuru Camp! This show is such a comfort. It is all the more so one to start this year. The first season was just an absolute comfort and that’s the case with S2. It was a nice choice to foc... Continue Reading