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Current Series

Children of the Whales – 03

Well that was a pretty busy episode. With how the last episode ended of course it was a given that this episode would be intense. If this episode did anything, it made sure to send a heavy message to the... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 02

Well that got serious in a hurry! Certainly a classic move to drop some really serious stuff at the end for a huge cliffhanger. I thought going into this episode that things would escalate earlier, but i... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 01 [First Look]

This was a solid first episode in terms of introducing us to this world and the characters in it. In some ways I’m surprised how willing they are to give certain hints about what is going on in the wor... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Fall 2017 Preview

Time moves forward without a pause. Summer is just about over and we’re moving onward to the Fall Season. This season is a bit odd for me since there aren’t many shows that I’m that familiar with. ... Continue Reading

Flower’s Fall 2017 Preview

The Summer 2017 season for me was actually rather … subdued. There were definitely series I enjoyed, and even a coupe of great ones – but by and large for me most of the series turned out to ... Continue Reading