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Current Series

Konohana Kitan – 12 (Final)

At this point it really is starting to seem like they can’t bring Yuzu anywhere without her somehow stumbling into another world or another time or almost crossing over into the afterlife or someth... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 11

What do gods do when they’re not busy doing… whatever it is that gods do? Throw parties at Konohanatei, apparently. This week an assortment of unnamed (and thus, presumably minor) deities des... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 09 and 10

This double-episode post is brought to you by the fact that I honestly could not think of a way to write a full post for episode 9. It’s a cute and silly episode… and that’s really just... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 08

This episode is quite interesting, in my eyes, in the details it gives us about Konohanatei and its connection to some of the people who pass through it. We already know that those who are dead may pass ... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 07

It’s festival time in the town that Konohanatei is in (I wonder if we’ll ever get a name for that town?), and several of our girls are eager to to see it. Given what we know of Yuzu’s p... Continue Reading

Konokana Kitan – 06

This week on Konohana Kitan the storytelling takes a slightly different approach compared to the past several episodes. Instead of two stories that are clearly split into a part A and part B, this time w... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 05

This week another member is added to our growing family at Konohanatei: the cursed doll Okiku, named after a famous ostensibly cursed doll that is currently kept in a temple in Hokkaido. Like the real Ok... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 04

In this episode we get more of a taste of the weird and extraordinary events that are part of life at Konohanatei. This is also the first episode that drew exclusively from the new manga, so I had no mor... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 03

This episode moves away from Yuzu and Satsuki, who have gotten most of the attention thus far, to focus on Ren and Natsume. Under normal circumstances these two are definitely what you would consider an ... Continue Reading

Konohana Kitan – 02

Well, I said last time that I suspected Satsuki being too serious for her own good would backfire on her if she didn’t stop to regain some balance. It looks like I’m not the only one who thin... Continue Reading