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Current Series

Beautiful Bones ~Sakurako’s Investigation~ – 12 [Final]

What is a show to do when its reached its final episode, while not even being remotely close to the actual conclusion of it story? That, is the kind of question that we seem to run into nearly every seas... Continue Reading

Beautiful Bones ~Sakurako’s Investigation~ – 11

Thank God for the fact that there's one more episode to go, because this week... It really did put the "C" in cliffhanger. If I were to try and accurately describe the penultimate episode of Sakurako-san... Continue Reading

Beautiful Bones ~Sakurako’s Investigation~ – 10

If I were to describe this week's Sakurako-san, I'd definitely start with the words "bizarre" and "off kilter". As we move into what will be the final episode, expectations and feelings are definitely mi... Continue Reading

Beautiful Bones ~Sakurako’s Investigation~ – 07

Sometimes a setup episode is only that, an episode largely dedicated to setup. I think its interesting that, whenever Sakurako-san seems to focus on its central plot or overall story, things in the momen... Continue Reading

Beautiful Bones ~Sakurako’s Investigation~ – 06

Sometimes, its the journey of getting to the destination that matters, rather than the destination itself. This week's Sakurako-san beautifully demonstrated that concept, and did so without even relying ... Continue Reading