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Current Series

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 17

This was a really enjoyable Mashiro episode. It’s nice to take a step away for a moment from the larger conflict against the Undergu Empire and focus on character relationships. The relationship betwee... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 16

This episode was a good excuse to take a breather after a lot happened the previous week. The cast kind of did need that. Even more so when one of the major characters is the girl that just saw her paren... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 15

It is starting to become clearer what the story intends to do with Sora and Shalala. I did start out thinking that she was just pretending to be a good person and was running the Undergu Empire. Now that... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 12

I appreciated getting some focus back on Sora. It’s not as if adding Tsubasa and Ageha to the show has been a bad thing. But the show made a strong first impression because the focus was mostly on Sora... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 09

So, here we are. The debut of Cure Wing has arrived and I’m sure it’s an impactful one for a lot of people that have been waiting for this. I knew going into the first episode that there was going to... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 07

Just another comfortable episode for this show. It’s starting to find a steady pace for itself. Not that Sora’s first day at school wasn’t entertaining, but they didn’t push things as hard in thi... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 06

At this point Sora and Mashiro should be looking forward less to going to school and more to their eventual marriage. This whole episode was basically hammering home that these two can’t go half a day ... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 05

This show continues to surprise me with how well it handles the characters. Sora and Mashiro are developing excellently early on and making this show an easy one to get into. I’ll admit that some of th... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 04

The show took its time introducing Cure Prism and I think that patience paid off. It allowed Mashiro’s character to be fleshed out enough that her gaining that power was extremely satisfying. Both main... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 03

This show has remained extremely consistent so far. Each episode has been enjoyable and steadily building up our main characters. This spent a decent amount of time though on clearing things up regarding... Continue Reading