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Current Series

Fairy Tail Final Anime Series Announced

Hiro Mashima, the mangaka and creator of Fairy Tail, announced via twitter a few days ago that the last season of Fairy Tail will go on air in 2018. This announcement comes right before the ending of the... Continue Reading

New Fairy Tail Anime Project Coming

With the second Fairy Tail series having ended this past Friday (March 25th 2016), fans are obviously concerned about the future of the franchise in animated form. In a move that's exceedingly rare in th... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail’s Second Movie, OAD Announced with Tartaros Visual!

This past weekend, Fairy Tail’s 2015 Ryuuousai event in Tokyo revealed that a new Fairy Tail Animated Film is in the works, alongside a new OAD as well. The OAD will adapt the “Fairies’... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail 2 – 53

The mystery deepens this week, as our heroes deal with a new threat with an even bigger one looming in the background. I think its safe to say that Fairy Tail has gotten back to being interesting again, ... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail Anime Returning Spring 2014!!

Fairy Tail creator and magaka Hiro Mashima has finally made good on his promise for news regarding the return of the Fairy Tail anime. Issue Six of Weekly Shounen Magazine has revealed that Fairy Tail w... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail Anime Not Ending?

  In case you missed it, earlier this month it was revealed through the Jump SQ Magazine that the Fairy Tail Anime will end its television run on the 30th of March, 2013. No reason was given for the... Continue Reading