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Harukana Receive Review

Sometimes when a season is pretty anemic you just need something to be good. For me that’s exactly what Harukana Receive proved to be. A very solid and good show that provided enough entertainment duri... Continue Reading

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Harukana Receive – 12 [Final]

The end of a season can catch you offguard and that was somewhat the case here. Before I knew it this was the last episode. Some expectations I had were inaccurate. But I will say the last episode both h... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 11

This was an episode that managed to keep the tension going and end on a surprising note. The show did what it could to keep the intensity up throughout the match and get into the head of the competitors.... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 10

And here we are with this showdown between these two key teams. It was a given they were going to clash here and no doubt both sides are going to make it tough for the other to advance. There’s just no... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 09

Time is just racing by at this point in the story. No surprise of course that they are moving time along so they can get to that match revealed in the first episode. At this point the race is on and we k... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 08

It did feel as if this episode was trying to push things forward in terms of the passage of time. If they are going to end the show on that tournament scene we saw at the start of the first episode then ... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 07

Well this episode caught me off-guard a little. Mostly because the first two minutes were so strange that I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on. Once it actually got going it was a solid enough epis... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 06

And so the first real match for Haruka and Kanata is wrapped up. I was honestly really curious how this was going to play out and who was actually going to win. I think they set it up pretty well for eit... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 05

Finally Haruka and Kanata get their chance to take part in a tournament together. I somewhat thought the pair they are facing would come later in the tournament, but interesting to have them as the first... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 04

This episode did focus a bit more back onto Haruka and growing her partnership with Kanata. There was some focus on the technical side of the game, but this was mostly an episode about emotions and these... Continue Reading