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Current Series

Comet Lucifer – 02

Cliches are a pretty despised thing, and rightfully so but... Comet Lucifer shows us that you can make good use of them, provided they're used wisely. After a generally likable and strong premiere, episo... Continue Reading

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Comet Lucifer – 01 (First Look)

If there were ever a show that could truly benefit from the "three episode" rule, its Comet Lucifer. That's not to say that there's anything inherently wrong with the show from what little we've seen of ... Continue Reading

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Flower’s Fall 2015 Preview

When the summer 2015 season was about to air I remarked that it did not look especially interesting to me, and happily that impression was proven wrong. Quite wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by several... Continue Reading

Lupin III New Series Coming this Fall

Originally thought by many to be premiering in Spring, The 2015 Lupin III series will be premiering in Japan in the Fall of this year. This series is a sequel to the 1984 Lupin III TV series and marks th... Continue Reading