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Current Series

Final Fairy Tail Series Coming in October 2018

Released via twitter, a new teaser image for the final series has been revealed with a confirmation that the final season of Fairy Tail will be broadcasted in October of this year, making it a Fall 2018... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail Final Season Coming Fall 2018!

Its official folks! Fairy Tail's much awaited final season, the one promised by mangaka and creator Hiro Mashima, will be coming in the Fall of this very year 2018. The announcement came via Mashima-sens... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail – Dragon Cry – Movie Review

Fairy Tail is best known as the little shounen franchise that could. While the franchise, created by mangaka Hiro Mashima (of Groove Adventure Rave fame), has never quite taken to the heights of dominati... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail Final Anime Series Announced

Hiro Mashima, the mangaka and creator of Fairy Tail, announced via twitter a few days ago that the last season of Fairy Tail will go on air in 2018. This announcement comes right before the ending of the... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail 2 – 102 [END]

And just like that, in what feels like the blink of an eye, Fairy Tail's second series is over. To say I or any of the series fans saw this coming would be wrong, but we have had about a week to process ... Continue Reading

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New Fairy Tail Anime Project Coming

With the second Fairy Tail series having ended this past Friday (March 25th 2016), fans are obviously concerned about the future of the franchise in animated form. In a move that's exceedingly rare in th... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail 2 – 101

Leave it to Fairy Tail to start of its latest arc with a bang, both in terms of story but also in terms of shocking announcements. If you haven’t heard yet, its been announced that the second Fairy Tai... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 100 [FT Zero Ends]

Fairy Tail does it again, ending another story arc and hitting another milestone in the process. This week marks the 100th episode of the second anime series adapted from Hiro Mashima's fantastic manga, ... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 99

Well, that more or less slotted into place nicely. In the penultimate episode of Fairy Tail Zero, we finally get a conclusion to the Tenrou Jade plot line, we get the final piece of the puzzle regarding ... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 98

Near the end of Fairy Tail Zero, things definitely seem to be turning out to be a lot more standard than I'd have thought. The story is done with its big surprises, and its provided a fun journey, but no... Continue Reading

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