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Current Series

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju – 5

Has there ever been a series with as much unabashed love for performers and performance as this one? From the many rakugo stories to the bursts of shamisen music to this week’s low-budget kabuki p... Continue Reading

Mawaru Penguindrum 04-05

Things certainly are getting more and more interesting every week. But don't expect me to like Ringo though. Short of a major miracle, I'm not gonna be liking this girl. But her getting punkd in episode ... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 05

Gadzooks, the plot thickens even further thanks to this Miran guy! Poor Sion’s really taken the heaviest burden for himself by becoming king and tossing the journey part onto Ryner’s head. I feel bad... Continue Reading

Ookami-san 05

Well well well! Who is this white haired bastard indeed? I can cook up at least three different scenarios of who he was but immma gunna wait for which story it exactly is. Though I well and truly hope th... Continue Reading

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Durarara!! 05

We finally get a Kida centered episode, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. I think if there's one thing this show is doing really well, its building up a sense of mystery and intrigue around its char... Continue Reading

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