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Current Series

Panty & Stocking 02

Panty and Stocking episode 2, where DO I begin? First off... Continue Reading Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 2

I admit, my initial impression of High School of the Dead was more along the lines of: "Super powerful girls and weak guys, but from the looks of this episode, it only seems like there are less guys than... Continue Reading

Ookami-san 02

After the comedic hilarity of the first episode, I found this episode to be…I dunno…I like me a good bit of seriousness but I found the comedic aspect to be quite lacking. Given that it was supposed ... Continue Reading

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Durarara!! Episode 2

The Episode opens up with Kida and Ryugamine's opening ceremony. We're introduced to a few more characters, most of which are they're classmates. Miss Magenta, who's actual name is Kamichikawa, is also i... Continue Reading

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